Social Media Speaker: Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram & Co. – Community to Ads

Speaker Social Media – Are you looking for up-to-date, practical knowledge and know-how in social media marketing, for employees or customers? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, social media is opening up a whole new world for businesses and it’s evolving faster than any marketing tool before it. So getting timely knowledge from experts is worth its […]

Win customers: Advantages and Advertising – Starting your own business #8

Winning customers – The easiest way to win customers is advertising. Henry Ford (who is revolutionizing the assembly line of the employment office) already said that for every dollar you put into the product you have to have another one ready to make the product known. Anyone who is willing to invest € 100,000 in […]

Markeintg and sales: Keynote speaker for your success

In addition to purchasing, the sale is one of the key items in companies. Keynote speakers for sale were at the forefront in the trade. Often even at a young age. A good seller knows the shop

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker St. Petersburg

Communication is the dissemination of information, photos, videos and news. Today, it reaches the people with smartphones quickly, as never before in the entire story. It is not just since yesterday that the digital transformation is running at full speed. Nobody has ever learned anything. Fast as never reach information the people,

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Athens

Quickly as never before, we get information on social networks, whether it is recommendations, news or interesting knowledge. Communication It reaches people today at a speed that has never been known before. Life becomes digital. Do you profit from the online economy? Is the new digital world already profitable for your company?