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Emotional intelligence means not only understanding oneself but also the others. The definition according to Wikipedia: “Emotional intelligence is a term introduced by John D. Mayer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (Yale University) in 1990. It describes the ability to perceive, understand and influence one’s own and others’ feelings (correctly).” Anyone who works at management level, is a managing director himself or herself, a department manager or team leader, needs emotional intelligence to make the right decisions. Not only for yourself, but also for the entire team.

Emotional Intelligence: Book Speaker

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Employees and personnel

Above all, emotional intelligence is a really important competence for personnel and employees, which must be specifically trained and promoted. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is important to understand employees in such a way that they can be motivated, but also in such a way that they feel comfortable. Because in the competition for employees, it is no longer just a matter of simply offering a job. Employees expect more, special promotion in development, promotion and career opportunities, the list is long. Who knows how to respond to the individual needs and wishes of the employees, you will reap even more effective results and thus increase your own success. Accordingly, it is important to learn competences, methods and strategies.

With us you will learn to apply emotional intelligence in your daily work. Not artificial but authentic and honest. For motivated employees and long-term employees.

Interested parties and customers

But emotional intelligence is not only about team leadership but also about customers and prospects. What are the wishes and needs of our customers and prospects? How can we cover and operate them? By the introduction into the world of the opposite one, one gets to know new aspects and new points of view, which can be served then by new answers, e.g. in marketing.

What is the world of our customers and how can we be a part of it? Our coaches and trainers answer this question in our training courses, further education courses and workshop days. Learn what it means to see the customer not just as a financier but as a long-term partner. After all, you deliver the right product to meet your needs. An excellent symbiosis. Learn how to press the right switches and buttons to achieve the results they have planned.

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Emotional Intelligence: Book Speaker

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