Neuromarketing: How consumers make decisions – Video

Neuromarketing – In this 17-minute TEDx Talk, Mr. Terry Wu gives an interesting and short talk on neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is the science that deals with consumer decisions. Extremely interesting to improve your own sales statistics. Dr. Terry Wu: Speaker and Topic Dr. Wu received his master’s degree in neuroscience from Duke University. He then received […]

Email Funnel & Marketing: Speaker for Method, Marketing and Sales Promotion

Email Funnel – Newsletters have been around for over 30 years now. Many have long said newsletter marketing is dead, but in fact it still works extremely well. It’s even getting better, the methods have become extremely refined. What is an email funnel? How does an email funnel work? Learn from our experts. An overview […]

About us: tasks, team and agency

Keynote Speaker One – Our agency has been in existence since 2018. Our greatest sense of achievement: even today, we have existing customers from the first year for whom we book speakers and organize them on request. We bring know-how and companies together. Here you can learn more about our speaker agency, our tasks and […]

Digital Avatars: Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Advertising

Digital avatars, virtual reality and AI – summing up innovations is often difficult. This headline at least makes it to “Digital Avatars: Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Advertising.” It’s all about virtual people, on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Millions of people follow them and their stories, every day. Yet the phenomenon just emerged […]

VR, AI and digital avatars – Interview with an expert @ Online Marketing Rockstars / OMR

Virtual reality: VR, AI and digital avatars – When it comes to innovation in digital avatars, there are few as close as Stephan Czaja. Today saw the fifth interview in Germany with him, on the topic of digital avatars. Even better, even in the leading magazine for online marketing: OMR! How do digital avatars change […]

Real Estate Speaker: Buy, invest, avoid taxes and build wealth.

Speaker Real Estate – Buy, rent, avoid taxes and build wealth, through a property as an investment. The dream of millions of private individuals and thousands of salesmen, brokers and also those who are already “in” and perhaps already own their first or second property. In the field of real estate speaking there are different […]

Interview with Keynote Speaker One Agency Owner – Now in FIV Magazine

The very first interview about our speaker agency! Now in five languages, in FIV Magazine. Our agency owner answers questions about trends, prominent speakers and also questions about becoming a speaker. How can you package your knowledge so that it is in demand by other people, companies and institutions? Read the whole interview in the […]

Save and optimise taxes in Germany – Alex Fischer: Experiences from tax coaching

Recently, we have already reported on the topic of “saving taxes” and provided very general, basic information on the different types of taxes and classifications. We showed which tax advantages and benefits you can take advantage of and gave you some tips and tricks for saving taxes. For high earners and high income individuals as […]

Personnel Management and Leadership Style – Going Self-employed #14

Personnel management and leadership style – leadership strength is one of my favorite topics when I am together with other entrepreneurs. I myself am a vocational trainer, a young entrepreneur with all my passion and the ambition to make my employees the best of the best. Consequent action: Leadership style and personal responsibility In reality, […]

Find employees: How do you get the best staff? – Starting your own business #13

Finding employees – How do you get the best employees? There are various ways of recruiting. Since the question comes very often at workshops, here are a few words on the subject of recruitment and image. Find employees: Recruitment offline and online Depending on which industry you are already active in, which opportunities you have, […]