Save and optimise taxes in Germany – Alex Fischer: Experiences from tax coaching

Recently, we have already reported on the topic of “saving taxes” and provided very general, basic information on the different types of taxes and classifications. We showed which tax advantages and benefits you can take advantage of and gave you some tips and tricks for saving taxes. For high earners and high income individuals as well as experienced investors, however, the small 1×1 of tax saving is by far not enough, which is why we have examined different educational media and sources of knowledge in this regard. In conclusion, anyone with an entrepreneurial mind should consider tax coaching to help them grow and reach the next level. Here again the link to read up: Tax Saving (German [Classification, income, turnover, coaching, external in FIV Magazine]). PS: Such a tax coaching is of course also ideal for retirement planning. Every Euro that is converted into private assets is yours.

Next Level Tax Coaching – KY Field Report

As already announced, we will deal with the topic “taxes” much more intensively in the coming weeks and try out the Next Level Tax Coaching by Alex Fischer for you. We will look at the basics of Next Level Tax Coaching and share our personal experiences with you week after week.

External experience reports (German):

Welcome to Alex Fischer Tax Coaching

If you have successfully completed the application process, you will receive your access data for the Next Level Tax Coaching. In a first video you will be welcomed personally by Alex “Düsseldorf” Fischer and will receive some basic information and a short course overview.

Right at the beginning you will find out that the Next Level Tax Coaching is suitable for all those who want to learn something about “Converting taxes and duties into private assets”. It is explained as simply as possible and starts with comprehensive basics to pick up beginners, advanced and professionals alike and prepare them for the following videos. It makes no difference whether you are an employee, self-employed or entrepreneur – everyone can and should learn something here. Alex Fischer proudly claims:

“In the meantime I really know how it works, and this knowledge I will and want to pass on to you here.”

To the doubters and the insecure

Possible voices of doubt are already invalidated in advance, because the mouthpiece of the Steuersprechs promises that all learning content from tax coaching is 100% true and also 100% legal. Unethical actions and flimsy investment recommendations would be dispensed with and instead of tax loopholes, targeted state funding opportunities in the sense of steering and redistribution would be used as tax strategies.

Alex Fischer about himself

In a short self-portrait, Alex Fischer talks about his humble beginnings and how, with a lot of support and help, he has become an extremely successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. The professional expertise of his mentors at that time combined with the extensive network of experts he has built up over the past years forms a pillar for his Next Level Tax Coaching. A further pillar is the individual experience of his 200,000 large community. The third pillar is formed by us as participants of the tax coaching itself, as we can contribute to the overall success and thus to each individual success.

“I myself would never have managed it. This has been created by this huge community and this huge network of full professionals and entrepreneurs.”

Coaching goals – What do you gain from coaching?

The aim of Next Level Tax Coaching is to train the participants as generalists in tax and investment matters and thus enable them to develop their own strategies. It is explicitly not a substitute training to become a tax consultant. The coaching is merely intended to open up new perspectives so that you can communicate your newly formulated tax strategies to tax, legal or other experts on an equal footing.

Since theoretical knowledge is only impressive on a sheet of paper, Alex Fischer and his team have made it their maxim to check the practical suitability of the coaching content in advance, properly and on a long-term basis.

“We do not put anything into the coaching that we have not tested ourselves.”

Of course, all participants of the Next Level Tax Coaching have a lifelong access right and receive all future updates free of charge. The community is also available for professional networking and a meaningful exchange of knowledge without time restrictions.

What do you learn in the tax course of Alex Fischer?

The Welcome Module is the introduction to Next Level Tax Coaching and provides information about the general cooperation during the tax course as well as the basic structure of the individual learning fields. The coaching is divided into eight learning fields, which are activated weekly and are based on each other. Each learning field is further divided into separate videos and at the end of each week there is the opportunity to discuss what has been learned, ask questions and exchange ideas in a live webinar.

Basic teaching – design possibilities – consolidation

Learning field 1 serves to convey the basics and is essential for understanding the later contents. “There you will learn practical tax terminology.” Alex Fischer admits that even when preparing the basics, he still learned something from his team of experts that he did not know before. The different design possibilities are presented in learning fields 2-4 and are further deepened in learning fields 5-8. Finally, as a bonus for all participants of the Tax Coaching, there will be a surprise not defined in more detail. We are also curious to see what else is waiting for us.

Infographics, checklists, a tax compendium and application programmes are just a few of the materials Alex Fischer provides for the coaching participants. However, he also warns of the content density of his contents. In case of doubt, it is therefore worthwhile to watch individual videos several times or to rewind or fast-forward in order to be able to note down individual pieces of information.

Tax Coaching Upgrades – Silver, Gold & Platinum

As already mentioned at the beginning, Next Level Tax Coaching offers people with different levels of knowledge and employment status the opportunity to acquire new tax and business knowledge or to polish up existing knowledge. To ensure that each participant receives individual support and tips that suit his or her position and life situation, Tax Coaching is available in three different versions.

  • Silver status for employees
  • Gold status for self-employed persons
  • Platinum status for entrepreneurs

Variant 1 is the Silver Coaching and is aimed specifically at employees with real estate and their own home. Variant 2 is represented by the metal gold and is exactly adapted to the needs and profiles of self-employed people and entrepreneurs with independent companies who have a large stock of real estate in addition to their own home. Variant 3 is the luxury variant: Platinum Coaching specifically addresses the full-blooded entrepreneurs with several companies who want to grow further and for whom “employee” and “equity” in the tax context represent attractive topics. Alex Fischer applies with a smile:

“You really have everything in there, including my personal documents.”

The physical material that you will be given in the Next Level Tax Coaching is also partly adapted to the variant you have booked: For example, coaching participants with silver status receive the basic compendium for employees and real estate investors, whereas participants with gold and platinum status each receive an additional compendium individually designed for their target group.

  • Basic Compendium Silver for Employees & Real Estate Investors
  • Additional Compendium Gold for self-employed persons, freelancers & real estate investors
  • Additional Compendium Platinum for Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial People & Professional Investors

At the final event your personal material package will be handed over to you in physical form by Alex Fischer himself.

Orientation & Control – How user-friendly is the portal?

After the welcome and material overview Alex Fischer explains how the Next Level Tax Coaching Portal is structured and explains in detail how you can use the individual functions. All in all, the site structure is very clear and structured so that really everyone can find their way around in no time.

You can register for the portal via e-mail address, Google Account or Facebook Account. The side menu leads you to the main frame functions of the portal: the access to the community, the helpful, your user profile. You can also recommend Next Level Tax Coaching to your friends with a click of the mouse.

  • Friends
  • Community access
  • Aid area
  • User profile

On the left side there is a control menu which guides you through the individual learning fields, which can be selected separately and are further divided into thematic blocks and individual videos. But the control is even easier by clicking on the “Next Step” button, so that you can work through video by video in the intended order. You can track your learning progress in the implementation programme. And the Q&A section clearly organises the questions and answers from the weekly webinars for you.

  • Theme block/sub-theme
  • Single videos incl. implementation programme & Q&A

Below the video there is a short summary of each lesson with references to further resources and working materials. The complete transcript of the video is also available here for review. It is also possible to make notes about the video or to report an error.

To be continued…