Customer service: Employee training and further education in CRM

Speaker Customer Service – Customer service is one of the biggest challenges in the daily work of all companies and agencies. In customer service, whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or a simple information provider (call center), you are faced with a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. […]

Health: Speaker for exercise, fitness and prevention

Speaker Health – The health of people is not only important for each individual. Health and quality of life affect all areas in life. That’s why Keynote Speaker is also broad in the area of health. From everyday topics, such as exercise and health in the workplace, to long-term trends and extended lifespan, as a […]

Technology Speaker: What does the future hold? Tomorrow’s present and trends

Speaker Technology – Whether biotechnology, bionics, new electromobility, health, security of supply through energy technology, innovations in genetic engineering or even communications technology and artificial intelligence. There is hardly an area in which there are so many different fields of knowledge as in technology. The right experts, therefore, make the difference, no matter whether new […]

Human resources: further training and seminars for tasks in human resources management

Speaker Personnel – Finding the right personnel policy for one’s own company is sometimes a major undertaking. Lectures and speeches can help to absorb a lot of expertise and know-how in a short time in order to integrate it later into the company’s own economic processes. Personnel & Recruiting: Keynote Speaker Human resources is an […]

Speaker for exercise, fitness and competitive sports

Speaker Exercise, Fitness, Competitive Sports – Speaker for Exercise, Fitness and Sports! Important topics for everyone, whether for simple office workers who are already sporty with a few stretching exercises in the office or competitive athletes who earn their money through it. Sports & Fitness: Keynote Speaker In their presentations and lectures, our speakers show […]

Personality and success: Speaker for charisma and charisma

Speaker Personality and Success – Are you looking for a keynote speaker for personality? We all know people with a very special personality or charisma. The charisma of a person often decides how we are perceived by our counterpart. Everyone knows the saying: “The first second counts”! Most of the time it is even the […]

Future & Trends: Effects of the Digital Transformation – Training and Education

Speaker Future & Trends – No one knows what the future holds for us. As information accelerates and decisions are made in fractions of a second, metropolises continue to change. Cities are investing billions in infrastructure improvements and social networks. Although the future is uncertain, there are many trainers and coaches who have focused on […]

Marketing and sales: Keynote speaker for your sales department

Speaker Marketing & Sales – Sales is one of the central positions in companies, along with purchasing. Keynote speakers for sales have been at the forefront of retail. Often from a young age. A good salesperson knows the business, the goods, the customers! Marketing and Sales: Keynote Speaker Sales is basically the essential commodity for […]

Innovation: Speaker for trends in life, work and health

Speaker Innovation – Innovations and trends accompany our lives. Every day, whether we are talking to friends, colleagues or customers, whether we are out and about in our private lives and discovering new trends ourselves – nowadays, innovations are no longer created on the drawing board, but in social networks or in the middle of […]

Rest / Work-Life Balance: Exercises, Tips – Speaker Presentation

Speaker Work-Life Balance – The right balance between professional life and private everyday life is a very important topic, especially for many business men and women, as well as managers. If you are on the road every day, see more cities in a week than you spend days at home. In addition, many important decisions […]