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Speaker SEO – Search engines are the drivers for many business sectors and one of the tools in marketing. Almost all inquiries go through them. Very few people visit sites or stores directly: almost everyone uses search engines. What is SEO actually? Search engine optimization, or SEO, deals with the placement of websites and online stores in search engines such as Google or Bing. Entire industries are now referred to as “Google depend businesses”.

The power of search engines

This shows the power of search engines! The work of an SEO manager has many parallels to that of a keynote speaker. Both jobs are about separating relevant and interesting information from the less relevant information or data. In conception, after enough research and a little writing, a common thread emerges. It doesn’t matter if we want to push an online store or create a mature presentation: In both cases, the selection of topics is the crucial point for first-class work.

Our speakers have expertise in all relevant areas of search engine optimization. They help brands and companies achieve new sales volumes with organization and structure. For medium-sized companies, it is no longer about simple placement, but about top rankings, dwell time on the pages, qualitative backlinks, content marketing, and much more. Our speakers give companies, employees and executives an insight with exciting presentations around modern know-how and new methods.

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Competitive pressure on page 1: Organic rankings

Anyone who wants to advance companies is surrounded by a high density of competition. Here, there are not only large, established and well-known companies in almost all districts. There are also many creative and young startups here that are drawn to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich from all over the world! This mix of competitors, young creatives and international business people makes the city, compared to many others, special and challenging at the same time. Here, there is not only competitive pressure for the company, but also competitive pressure in the recruitment of personnel.

Good staff is rare! Companies pay good salaries and commissions, hire freelancers or agencies to improve their rankings. Employees who have mastered their craft and are constantly learning have secure jobs in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. It is also important for your employees to absorb new impulses, for example in lectures and keynotes on SEO.

Not only in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, there are innovative ideas and trends all over the country. But national brands are not only competing with national companies, international brands are also pushing their way into the market and trying to secure shares. Among many factors, such as digital advertising, early search engine optimization has become so essential for online stores that there are hardly any companies that do without it. Only a few companies master the market so well that they can keep up with international brands. Our keynote speakers give valuable impulses and tips for competitiveness in the digital environment.

What is search engine optimization actually?

Search engine optimization deals with the targeted analysis of keywords and topics. These are output in a planning and then represent the basic framework for the respective website or online store. The keywords usually move in a very narrow spectrum around the topic, no matter what product or service is sold. In addition to the focused keywords, there are of course always a few that go into the broad. These keywords are aimed at search queries outside the actually relevant topic, which are nevertheless relevant.

Keyword analysis, matrix and search volume

For the wine trade, it could be romantic getaways in wine-growing regions. Car dealers report on new trade fairs and models. For a fashion online store, such an extension of the keywords could look like this: On the one hand, there is the classic product base around the assortment (t-shirt, pants, dress, men, women, etc.). Here it depends above all on keywords, which are very exactly at the topic. This would be, for example, a dress, or even more precisely a summer dress. It can also be clothing for spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Case studies for search engine optimization in the horizontal

In the end, almost innumerable combinations are created, which of course still have to be filtered. All the possible linking options are saved in a table, for example, and then the individual combinations of keywords are checked according to the search query volume. Worthwhile keywords are then prioritized. If you now want to include a broader spectrum of keywords, you can, for example, set up your own trend blog. In this blog, editors write about related topics such as Fashion Week, celebrities and musicians, or new TV shows.

Through this clever expansion of your own subject areas, you not only attract visitors to your own home page who are directly from your surroundings in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, but also people from other cities, with other interests, who might otherwise never have become aware of our online offer. An incredible advantage that search engines make possible.

Search engine strategy, our speakers for events and conferences

Search engine optimization always needs a competent person to stand by the side of the company. Therefore, on our presentations we pay close attention to the fact that our speakers prepare very well for the job. We do not have standardized speeches and presentations, but prepare for each appointment individually. This way we can guarantee our customers first-class speeches and your employees many new experiences, impulses and skills in search engine optimization.

We place particular emphasis on topics that have their finger on the pulse of the times.

It’s all about trends and innovations in sales. As mentioned in the beginning, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich is a vibrant metropolis and also the people who live here try to work on the latest marketing methods and concepts to improve the online marketing of their companies. No matter if products or services are advertised, the expertise of an experienced SEO manager is worth a lot to a company! That’s why our speakers don’t just coach and train employees. We also have coaching concepts for executives in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

What areas of search engine optimization do you provide Speaker?

Our agency provides speakers for almost all areas of search engine optimization. Likewise, it is about very related topics that are close to search engine optimization, as well as advertising or even the analytics. Our speeches are individually timed. Depending on how much speaking capacity you provide to our speaker, the speech will be adjusted to the possibilities. However, a good speech will always take some time. Especially if it goes deeper.

SEO in the marketing mix: advertising and analytics

Algorithm ranks more than just content: dwell time, bounce rate and page count

Search engine optimization is not only about how your website, blog or online store is found in search engines like Google, it is also about improving usability! In the past, search engines still paid relatively simple attention to the fact that a lot of content exists. Nowadays, however, user behavior counts at least as much for search engine providers when it comes to rankings.

For the search engines, it only makes sense to forward users if the content is good. Only if the content is good, the users will search again with the search engine. This also means that a certain quality control or quality assurance of the linked pages applies to the search engines. Therefore, also take a look at how long users end up being on the page and how intensively they interact with it. If one visits the page for only 20 seconds and bounces right on the first page, the values are of course much lower than for a visitor who stays for two or three minutes, scrolls bit by bit and also visits two or three more pages. Nevertheless, the same applies to all new projects:

Content is king! Advertising is better.

Usability is becoming increasingly important. However, content is still one of the central factors. Meanwhile, search engine optimization has become much more complex. Search engine optimization is then joined by advertising. In the mix of strategies, SEA often goes hand in hand with SEO. For every large company, the sense of advertising measures is immediately apparent. Especially in online marketing prices for clicks are possible, which they can never reach with traditional advertising methods. Our speakers go on request, of course, also on these topics and give extensive insights into the topic of advertising in search engines and user behavior on stores and websites.

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Our agency takes care of all relevant procedures and organizational processes around your speaker for you. We are looking forward to your request and will be happy to advise you!

How to book an SEO speaker

Before every workshop, before every speech, there is a certain current state in the company that you as a manager, department head or employee would like to change. Our speakers offer the right know-how for you as a leader, manager and for your employees. In order to make everything as efficient as possible for you, the topic, goals, tasks and results are clearly defined in advance.

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SEO areas: Common topics

What are typical and common subject areas? The know-how areas of SEO include, among others:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • E-commerce,
  • Email marketing,
  • Google Analytics.

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