Marketing on the skin, viral trends – Our expert Stephan Czaja at Sat1 (German TV)

Viral marketing invents itself again and again, who looks exactly, finds old ideas however also again and again new packed. A young man has just had a big airplane tattooed on his forearm with the logo of a well-known Irish company. We have answered the question today, can you make money with such ideas? As a guest on Sat1 Breakfast TV, the theme today was logos on the skin. Our marketing expert Stephan M. Czaja answers the question: Is the investment profitable?

Calculation of advertising costs (digital)

For our example, we are looking at a classic advertising campaign on Instagram.

  1. For each impression (view by user) we pay a few cents and for each click (for example in the Insta Story to the online shop) maybe 40 or 50 cents.
  2. For 1000 impressions we pay maybe 15 €.
  3. For a brand tattoo you can take between 5.000 Euro and 6.000 Euro, for the neck area already 10.000 to 15.000 €.

As a company, we can now simply offset.