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Innovations and trends accompany our lives. Every day, whether we talk with friends, work colleagues, with customers or whether we are traveling privately and discover new trends themselves. Nowadays, innovations are no longer on the drawing board, but in the social networks or in the urban metropolises of the world. Here you can find more about Speaker for trends and future.

Innovation and trends are emerging in seconds

When we take a look at the history of mankind, trends and innovations have taken quite a long time. At that time, the world was still very small, humanity lived in small villages, and the first jewels consisted of natural materials such as plants, stones and shells. Over the millennia, the world has changed greatly, already in the Roman Empire, about 3000 years ago, there was an extremely modern civilization. There were already first fashions for the upper classes. Likewise, there were innovations in technology, so whole sewage systems were created, huge park facilities but also fountains. All this without electricity. 500 years ago, there were kings in France, with rushing festivals and pompous fashions, with plug-in cups and compartments. At the same time, in addition to the revolutions in the people, there were revolutions, eg. In war and weapon technology. Innovations such as gunpowder brought extreme innovations and changed the world.

Just over 100 years ago, the automobile gradually entered the company. Dresses became affordable for everyone, thanks to industrialization in England, and the first fashions emerged. The city centers were filled, huge department stores were built. In the next decades, the first supermarket chains emerged, the world has revolutionized itself, the cycle of time is getting faster, especially through the modern media. Today, innovations take place every 10 years, especially thanks to computer technology. We are pushing forward to industrial 4.0, self-propelled cars and logistic supply chains from drones.

Innovations in times of social media: Influencers reach millions

Not only social media, the Web 2.0 in general, has enormously increased the spread of trends and innovations with its possibilities. Today, so-called influencers, which are persons with very large range, eg. On Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, through a single posting to activate millions of people around the world. Here a huge planning team would have been necessary, as well as large investments and posters or TV advertising, as well as transnational work. Today it is enough to make a selfie with your own smartphone and it is already a trend in the world. Social media stars like Kim Kardashian make it happen. In the new digital media is an incredible power that is far from being used by all companies.

The communication model is changing

Our speakers go deeper into your keynote! Mankind knew thousands of years only a model. The transmitter-receiver model, with relation 1: n. This means no matter whether we are in Caesar’s empire in early Rome or in the radiosender around 1900, there was always only one transmitter and directed its message to many receivers. The individual recipient did not have the power to reach many people. He could only consume media, could not produce it. This model has changed absolutely and fundamentally with the possibilities of Web 2.0. Today, everyone, almost regardless of age, can become a broadcaster, also a moderator. YouTube Stars make it happen, they are usually just 20 years and nevertheless have an incredible power, innovation and advance with their reach. That’s why you book many companies as an influencer to take advantage of their reach to promote ideas.

Our speakers not only highlight the classical concepts of trends, they also show the new possibilities that arise through Web 2.0 and social networks. Companies that adapt this modern marketing concept and use it for their own marketing can only win!

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