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Speaker Innovation – Innovations and trends accompany our lives. Every day, whether we are talking to friends, colleagues or customers, whether we are out and about in our private lives and discovering new trends ourselves – nowadays, innovations are no longer created on the drawing board, but in social networks or in the middle of the urban metropolises of this world. Here you can find more about Speaker for Trends and Future.

Innovation: Keynote Speaker

If we take a look at the history of mankind, trends and innovations took quite a long time in the beginning. At that time the world was still very small, mankind lived in small villages and the first jewelry was made of natural materials such as plants, stones and shells.

Over the millennia, the world has changed a lot. Already in the Roman Empire, about 3,000 years ago, there was an extremely modern civilization. Here there were already first fashions for the upper classes. In addition, there were innovations in technology, so entire sewage systems, huge parks but also fountains were created. All this without electricity!

Then 500 years ago there were kings in France, with lavish parties and pompous fashions, with updos and fans. At the same time, in addition to the revolutions among the people, there were also revolutions, for example, in war and weapons technology. Here, innovations such as gunpowder brought extreme innovations and changed the world.

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Innovation and trends emerge in seconds

Just 100 years ago, the automobile gradually found its way into society. Clothes became affordable for everyone thanks to industrialization in England and the first fashions emerged. The city centers filled up and huge department stores sprang up. Over the next few decades, the first supermarket chains became established. The world revolutionized itself. The pace of time is getting faster and faster, especially due to modern media. Today, leaps in innovation take place every 10 years, especially thanks to computer technology. We are advancing to Industry 4.0, with self-driving cars and logistical supply chains made of drones.

Innovations in times of social media

Not only social media, Web 2.0 in general, has enormously increased the spread of trends and innovations with its possibilities. Today, so-called influencers, i.e. people with a very large reach, e.g. on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, can activate millions of people around the world with a single posting. Here, a huge planning team would have been necessary, plus large investments and posters or TV advertising, as well as cross-national work. Today, it is enough to take a selfie with your own smartphone and a trend is already set in the world. Social media stars like Kim Kardashian are showing the way. The new digital media are incredibly powerful, but not all companies are taking advantage of them yet.

The communication model is changing

Our speakers go deeper in their keynotes! Mankind knew only one model for thousands of years: the sender-receiver model, with relation 1:n. That means, no matter if we are in Caesar’s empire, in early Rome or in the radio station around 1900, there was always only one sender and he directed his message to many receivers. The individual receivers did not have the power to reach many people. They could only consume media, but not produce it themselves. This model has changed absolutely and fundamentally with the possibilities of Web 2.0.

Today, almost regardless of age, anyone can become a broadcaster, even a presenter. YouTube stars are leading the way. They are usually just around 20 years old and yet, with their reach, have incredible power to drive innovation. That’s why many companies book them as influencers to leverage their reach and push ideas further.

Our speakers not only highlight the classic concepts of trends, they also show the new opportunities created by Web 2.0 and social networks. Companies that adapt this modern marketing concept and use it for their own marketing can only win!


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