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Email Funnel – Newsletters have been around for over 30 years now. Many have long said newsletter marketing is dead, but in fact it still works extremely well. It’s even getting better, the methods have become extremely refined. What is an email funnel? How does an email funnel work? Learn from our experts. An overview of email marketing.

Newsletter Marketing: Funnel and Lead Generation

Buzzwords like funnel or lead generation have become indispensable in online marketing.

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What is an email funnel?

Such an email funnel helps you nurture leads and ultimately turn them into customers. According to this, newsletter contacts become paying customers. For this, the user goes through a certain path (customer journey).

How does an email funnel work?

Simply put, users are collected on an online project, usually on the website, by filling out a small form. To keep the barrier to entry as low as possible, ideally you only ask for their name and their email address.

In step 2, the user is ideally sent to a small survey. Directly in the first email “so that your registration can be completed”. Not a must but here the first segmentation can already take place. For example, you ask about gender or even the goal that a user is pursuing. Real estate area, for example, capital investment, saving taxes, or even other topics.

Users are then categorized and contain individualized email messages accordingly. Products can be easily packaged and sold in this storytelling.

Email funnel in comparison: classic sales

The big advantage, e.g. compared to a normal sales force with human personnel, such an email funnel is set up once. If we stay with the example of real estate, then the customer journey (sequence of emails) is set up once. Specifically for capital investors, landlords, tax savers, financiers. Everyone who signs up to this newsletter list (email) receives the exact same sequence of emails.

Automated sales promotion

Accordingly, such an email funnel is extremely scalable. A one-time setup, then a little optimization, whether one user, 100 or 10,000, once your email funnel is set up, it works for you automatically.

Numerous case studies from our speakers show how successful email marketing or an email funnel can be. Especially in the area of coaching and online coaching, but also for the area of e-commerce, such email newsletters are an excellent tool for sales promotion.

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