Personnel Management and Leadership Style – Going Self-employed #14

Personnel management and leadership style – leadership strength is one of my favorite topics when I am together with other entrepreneurs. I myself am a vocational trainer, a young entrepreneur with all my passion and the ambition to make my employees the best of the best.

Consequent action: Leadership style and personal responsibility

In reality, however, I meet many entrepreneurs who spend most of their time travelling or partying. This of course stands in contrast to entrepreneurship, the punctual start in the office, financial restraint and clever investment of funds. What applies to capital also applies to your time, of course. Two or three people then work in the office, do the same job every day and the boss has a good time. On the other hand, there are also those who work with their own staff but still have no motivation for their own staff. Instead of the active support of the employees, there is parallel working. Here’s your job, thank you, see you later.

Clear communication – Respond to error

My philosophy is about training top managers. The training lasts and of course it costs a lot of time in preparation and implementation. In addition, the individual wishes of the employees must be taken into account so that they see their job not only as a job, but so that they like to do their daily tasks, out of their own motivation. I think it’s extremely important to take care of employees and I think it’s important that you as the boss never disparage employees in any way. Take your time, take it seriously. As described before, any mistake that happens in the company will end up being your mistake. You did not explain it properly, you did not look over it, many reasons for a statement: You are responsible for everything. Accordingly, the way in which employees are treated must always be professional. Mistakes must be addressed clearly but never emotionally.

No emotionality – calm and calm arguing

In general I recommend you as an entrepreneur to allow emotionality completely out of the company. You have to make decisions soberly, objectively, and with all your heart. If you put your personal feelings back, you can see the situations more clearly. You have fewer personal preferences, you are less inclined to judge something out of personal interest than it is, you act entrepreneurially, not personally. Ultimately, you want to achieve exactly that with your company: skilled employees, managers, managing directors. You only make the strategic decisions (and of course the most important operational ones).

Objects consideration – Employee fair treatment

A mental support for the objective consideration, your company is at the beginning usually a legal entity. Whenever you start a UG or GmbH. The company isn’t you. The earlier you have internalized this, the more you see the company as your own person, as an independent brand with identity.

But the financial component of your company is also about emotions. Especially in the first years you will have a lot of moments that are hard to describe with all the emotions in a book, maybe it describes the question: “Oh my God, how am I supposed to do all this? The question then comes back every two to three months until you get used to it at some point, or until the company is regularly in the black. I will always remember a sentence from a friend of mine, an entrepreneur, who said: “the daily challenges are not getting any less, they are just getting bigger”. That sentence was a sudden reality check for me. And indeed, I still set up the notebooks today, but now it’s 3.4 instead of just a new one. Here we also come back to personnel management, it always begins with you and it always begins in detail. A tidy apartment, a structured mind, a neat office.

Positive role model – department head, manager and owner

Employees realize that, they feel that you take care of every detail yourself (later, would take care of). On your own initiative, simply because you like doing it. That stains and so employees also like to take responsibility. If you, as an entrepreneur, don’t feel like taking care of your own coffee cup, it will change color and employees will logically ask themselves the question, why should I do it, especially if nobody notices? Dishwashers, coffee cups, that sounds to you first of all like unnecessary little things. But if you ever write the first big offer with an employee, you want every single key point to be considered. Nothing should be left behind. It begins with the coffee cup and ends in the travel cost calculation for the consultation hours. Customers who are willing to spend a lot of money expect good services. You are the coach of the team, it is your responsibility to make your team the best, with tactical refinement – or whether you play in the district league forever. Be a role model from morning to evening, from the first coffee cup to the 12-page offer in font size 8.

Type character – He who screams is wrong

What if somebody makes a mistake? Never get loud. Here, too, the model character applies. Whoever screams is wrong. Challenges must be solved. It’s that simple. Also delete the word “problem” from your mental vocabulary. From now on there are only challenges and solutions for you. In everyday life, situations will always come up to you that you have no influence on. The freshly brewed coffee in the electric circuit, failure of all appliances, electric shock, repair. You know the story. Scolding employees, no solution. Argue objectively, find a solution: No more coffee cups open on the desk, behind the notebook. Situation solved. Go directly to customer service and continue earning money! In every situation in which you yourself get out of control, there are many factors which you cannot use at this moment. For one thing, you’re wasting time and money. On the other hand, your head is occupied with a coffee cup and a power strip. You did?

Challenges, solution, further in business

That must always be your motto. The more calm, focused and concentrated you are, the more successful you will be. The more you will be appreciated by your employees, especially if they have already met other employers. They sense that you take them seriously. They feel that their wishes and needs are respected.  But they also know that you always go ahead with a clear line and strategy. With this management style you create a good and positive working environment for a sustainable future as well as development of your employees.