Real Estate Speaker: Buying, Investing, Avoiding Taxes and Building Wealth

Speaker Real Estate – Buy, rent, avoid taxes and build wealth, through a property as an investment. The dream of millions of private individuals and thousands of people salesmen, brokers and also those who are already “in” and perhaps already own the first or second property. In the field of real estate speaking there are […]

Personnel Management and Leadership Style – Going Self-employed #14

Personnel management and leadership style – leadership strength is one of my favorite topics when I am together with other entrepreneurs. I myself am a vocational trainer, a young entrepreneur with all my passion and the ambition to make my employees the best of the best. Consequent action: Leadership style and personal responsibility In reality, […]

Personnel and Success: Familiarisation to working conditions – Starting your own business #12

Most companies usually start with interns or first-time employees on a temporary basis. Both interns and permanent employees are completely new to the company, nobody knows the philosophy or has spent a year really experiencing the business and the customers. Accordingly, it takes time to form, train and improve the team properly. Ideally, however, this […]

Business start-up costs: staff, rent and equipment – setting up your own business #11

Cost planning and realistic thinking, two points that bite some. For banks and investors, of course, the potential profits should be as high as possible, but for themselves the assessment should be as realistic as possible. You’d rather end up with 5,000 € more a month than 5,000 € too little. For cost planning there […]

Profitability and key figures: KPIs for Entrepreneurs – Starting your own Business #9

Profitability and key figures – Profitability is used to assess the economic success of a company. Profitability is the generic term for several business ratios. Accordingly, there are many ways to calculate profitability. Classical formulas from the BWL The basics of return on equity and return on sales are known from classical business studies. And […]

Win customers: Advantages and Advertising – Starting your own business #8

Winning customers – The easiest way to win customers is advertising. Henry Ford (who is revolutionizing the assembly line of the employment office) already said that for every dollar you put into the product you have to have another one ready to make the product known. Anyone who is willing to invest € 100,000 in […]

Social Media Marketing Braunschweig

Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation in companies across Germany and worldwide in full swing. No one has learned on the job. Our entire life is always digital. Are you benefiting from online commerce? Is your company already benefiting from the new digital environment? How are

Social Media Marketing Münster

Our lives are increasingly digital. Now questions arise: Does online commerce already bring you sustainable profits? Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your employees? How is your brand reacting to the possibilities and opportunities in

Social Media Marketing Bonn

The current digital transformation is in full swing, none of us has learned on the job. Information is reaching people faster than ever before, whether it’s knowledge, news or recommendations. Our entire lives are becoming more digital. Are you already using the digital world profitably

Social Media Marketing Wuppertal

The digital transformation in companies and industries throughout Germany and worldwide has been in full swing since before yesterday; no one has ever really learned everything in their job. Our lives are digital and influence our actions. Now this raises the question: Do