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Economy Speaker – Economy is a large, central and at the same time global topic, which can hardly be summarized in one page. There are the right experts for all fields and specialties! Many things influence the economy – currency and its stability, political conditions, but also the increasing digitalization and digital transformation. How do champions remain true champions? How do startups become unicorns? In which direction are interest rates changing? What is the outlook for values on the stock market? In the field of business, there are thousands of questions and thousands of answers! Our speaker agency will help you find the right expert.

Keynote, speech and workshops: Economy

Speeches, presentations, workshops – Whether for executives, managers or employees, having the right experts on hand can help you prepare for the future.

The economic framework differs depending on the region in which economic actions, under which political framework, they are carried out. The economy in general includes everything that benefits the production and distribution of goods.

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Economic Area Europe: 20+ Ideas

Europe – France, Germany, Turkey, the European Union has become one of the largest economic areas in the world since its foundation. But even within the European Union, the framework conditions, due to the segmentation of the individual countries, differ extremely. There are many differences between the economic policies of the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway and Finland, with a view to countries in the south such as Greece, Italy or Turkey. Accordingly, you also need the right know-how, for the right region. It is completely different in America, especially in North America, where economically many things are very harmonized.

Economic Area America: Big Player

America – USA, Canada, Mexico and all of South America – America has been one of the most interesting economic areas for many generations. This is where the gifts of the world are decided, especially in North America, the U.S. for example, by Wall Street, the largest stock exchange in the world. Accordingly, it is always important to take a look at the American economy, also as a driver of innovation. Just look at the largest companies in the world, almost all of which come from the USA. Not for nothing, as the economic conditions here are made to drive business.

Asia as an economic region: Market of the future?

Asia – looking to Asia is becoming increasingly interesting. Through countries like China, but also acquaintances like Japan and emerging economies like Indonesia. At the same time, the political situation is often critical. Accordingly, conflicts arise, which are also often part of the presentations and speeches. Finally, especially with China, there is a new, global player in the market, which in perspective will displace the USA as number one.

Digital transformation in the economy

Future & Trends – The effects of digital transformation are additionally changing the economy. Digitization is taking hold across all national borders. Business is conducted across all borders. Payments are made with credit cards, PayPal or even cryptocurrency. Today, production halls are no longer hostels for thousands of employees, but thousands of machines managed by a few. But digitization is also changing social life. This, too, has influences on the economy. Tip. Read more here:

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Economic areas: Common topics

What are typical and common subject areas? Among the know-how areas of the economy are:

  • Economic sectors (in Germany, the USA and Asia)
  • Development and classification,
  • Scientific Employment,
  • Criticism and outlook.

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