Celebrities: celebrity speakers, VIPs and attention to the event.

Speaker celebrities – Hardly anyone has more charisma than celebrities. Especially when it comes to the keynote of an event. Celebrities from your own country or international superstars for big events and masterminds. Our speaker agency takes care of everything: from the request, to the address, communication, coordination. So that you can fully concentrate on your project.

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Prominent names from business, finance, well-known stars from sports, health, politics, but also stars who stand for motivation, personality and development. The range of celebrity speakers is wide. With us you will find the right “name”. It does not always have to be the big event. We have also engaged celebrities for elite, small gatherings. After a long journey from London to Frankfurt, an extra appreciation for all participants.

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Our speakers help managers and employees make the right decisions when it comes to ambition and motivation. Through targeted speeches, training, workshops and seminars. Learn how to transfer positive energy to others.

Advantages in marketing: advertising effect

What are the key advantages of prominent speakers and keynote speakers? Advertising begins in the run-up to the event. Advertising with celebrities helps to increase the credibility of your event. Especially when selected to match the target audience. But celebrity speakers can also open up entirely new target groups and markets for you.

The use of prominent speakers is also often used as a PR kicker, because through the well-known name, you stand out faster. Practical for new event series, but also for those whose visitor growth does not meet the goals.

  • Collaboration with celebrities helps to increase your credibility
  • New target groups and markets for your event
  • Viral effects of awareness = Instant attention

How to book a celebrity speaker

Before every workshop, before every speech, there is a certain actual state in the company that you as a manager, department head or employee would like to change – prominent people and well-known names help. Our speakers offer not only the “right” external effect, but also the right know-how for you as a leader, manager and for your employees. So that everything in the process, as efficient as possible for you, topic, goals, tasks, results are clearly defined beforehand.

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Know-how for managers, department heads and employees

It’s that easy to hire a keynote speaker for your event.

  1. Send us your online request
  2. Joint discussions for goals / requirements
  3. Our experts will send you speaker profiles and budgets
  4. You decide!

Advantages at a glance

These are your advantages at a glance.

  1. Meaningful speaker profiles
  2. Proposals of concrete lecture topics
  3. Lecture speaker videos
  4. Testing and verification of any availability

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