Keynote Speaker for staff training and further education in CRM

Customer service is one of the most important challenges for every company and agency in everyday life. In customer service one stands, whether as consultant, vendor or simple information carrier (call center) in a conflict between the interests of the enterprise and interests of the customer. Finding the right flair is sometimes the biggest challenge in customer service. There are specific requirements for each individual industry, with individual requirements and challenges. A competent person, who helps their own employees to optimize the processes, is worth a lot, especially when it comes to lectures! Hhier employees and teams get expert knowledge and expertise packaged in a clear speech

Customer service in 2020: lectures

In many areas of customer service, new times are breaking. Digital transformation not only has a firm grip on the digital economy, but also on the stationary market. Individual supermarkets have completely autonomous checkout systems, as they have been in a large Swedish furniture store for some time. All processes are digitized, the seller is ultimately the link between huge data sets and the individual wishes of the customer. This means that the role of the seller is no longer just that of the information providers, but of the mediator. Today, the professional process is no longer just the consultation, but the digital understanding, the economic processes around the entire digital customer world.

Speaker for your customer service staff

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