Keynote Speaker for staff training and further education in CRM

For all companies and agencies, customer service is one of the biggest challenges in everyday life. In customer service, whether as a consultant, salesperson or simple information carrier (call center), there is a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. Finding the right intuition is one of the biggest challenges in customer service. There are specific requirements for each individual industry, with individual demands and challenges. A competent person who helps his own employees to optimize processes, sometimes worth a lot, especially when it comes to presentations! Here, employees and teams are presented with expert knowledge and expert opinions in a concise and concise speech.

Customer Service: Keynote Speaker

New times are dawning in many areas of customer service. The digital transformation has a firm grip not only on the digital economy, but also on stationary trade. Some supermarkets have completely autonomous checkout systems, as they have been in a large Swedish furniture store for some time. All processes are digitalized, the salesperson is finally the link between huge data sets and the individual wishes of the customer. This means that the role of the seller is no longer that of the information carrier, but that of the intermediary. Today, the profession no longer only includes consulting, but digital understanding, the economic processes around the entire digital customer world.

Speaker for your customer service employees

Our speaker agency will help you to organize the perfect speaker for your next board meeting or employee days. With expertise and experience from numerous lectures, in front of employees and executives. Customer service depends on many aspects. The planned organisation makes many things easier in everyday life. That’s why we only place experienced speakers for your company, further education and training.

Customer service is at the top of the list, no matter whether it is a business customer model or a private customer model. Customer service enables follow-up bookings, follow-up jobs or orders. In addition, existing customers do not need any further costs for the acquisition. Accordingly, keeping customers is so important. For employees but also for management! In workshops, further education and training, experienced speakers present their concepts and strategies for top customer service. Beginning with the guest or the customer up to structural measures of the management.

Continuing education and training in management

Before it goes to the guest or the customer, processes in the customer service should be discussed exactly. The planning and, of course, the continuous optimisation of these paths is the central means for employees in customer management to achieve long-term success. The individual strategies and methods of the speakers are different, based on individual and personal experiences, but also on sound knowledge of history. With modern methods skillfully, from the digital transformation up to the modern speech in addition, the correct strategies for the customer connection.

Department heads, executives and managers as well as owners can learn a lot from the experiences of others. This allows you to define, define and optimise your own strategy even before it is put into practice. Accordingly, errors can be avoided, but also costs that arise through poor planning inevitably.

Not only managers, of course also the staff and their own employees.

Training courses and workshops for employees

When it comes to training and further education for employees, it is usually a matter of direct service to the guest or to the customer. Now, strategic planning and conception in customer management ultimately become practical application in everyday life. How do customers and guests react to our concepts? How do you instruct employees and motivate them on a daily basis? All these questions are asked by department heads, managers and also employees who lead smaller teams themselves. Each of these groups must be addressed individually, especially staff and personnel, as they usually have less experience than the upper floor. Accordingly, the concepts and strategies are adapted so that they fit perfectly in a 3 hour workshop, fill three whole days or even just 30 minutes.

Practical experience

Customer service is very difficult to learn from theoretical models, because customer service is about people and individual characters. Anyone who works in a restaurant or bar in an international hotel chain, for example, is confronted with new situations every day. One had a very good day and a high business deal, the other had a very bad day and accordingly not in a good mood. However, the service personnel must never allow themselves to be reminded that something is negative. A smile is worth a thousand words. As small as the steps can be, from the first smile up to the trained process, e.g. five-course menus, it is of course the same in retail, how is the customer served, how are his questions and wishes taken into account? Experience makes a lot of difference and therefore, as a speaker agency, we also make sure that our speakers fit perfectly to your company and ideas.

Customer Service Book Speaker

You want an experienced speaker for your event? Our speaker agency helps you with the selection of the speaker, the communication and with all organizational procedures. Just give us a call or send us the most important data via e-mail. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Customer service depends on many aspects. The planned organisation makes many things easier in everyday life. That’s why we only place experienced speakers for your company, further education and training.

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