Customer service: Employee training and further education in CRM

Speaker Customer Service – Customer service is one of the biggest challenges in the daily work of all companies and agencies. In customer service, whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or a simple information provider (call center), you are faced with a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. Finding the right balance is sometimes the greatest challenge to be overcome in customer service. There are specific requirements for each individual industry, with individual demands and challenges. A competent person who helps your own employees to optimize processes is sometimes worth a lot, especially when it comes to lectures! Here, employees and teams get expert knowledge and expertise condensed and presented in a clear speech.

Customer Service: Keynote Speaker

New times are dawning in many areas of customer service. The digital transformation not only has a firm grip on the digital economy, but also on stationary retail. Individual supermarkets have completely autonomous checkout systems, like those that have been in place at a large Swedish furniture store for some time. All processes are digitalized. The salesperson is the link between huge data sets and the individual wishes of the customer. This means that the role of the salesperson is no longer just that of an information carrier, but that of a mediator. Today, the job no longer just involves providing advice, but also understanding digital and economic processes surrounding the digital customer world.

Speaker for your customer service staff

Our speaker agency will help you organize the perfect speaker for your next board meeting or employee days. With expertise and experience from numerous speeches, in front of employees and executives. In customer service, many aspects matter. The planned organization facilitates many things in everyday life. That’s why we only arrange experienced speakers for your company, your training and further education.

Customer service is at the top of the list, whether it’s a business or residential model. Customer service enables follow-up bookings, follow-up jobs or orders. Existing customers also do not require further acquisition costs. Accordingly, retaining customers is so important. For employees, but also for management! In workshops, trainings and advanced trainings, experienced speakers present their concepts and strategies for top customer service. Starting with the guest or customer, up to structural measures of the management.

Continuing education and training in management

Customer service processes should be agreed in detail before the guest or customer is contacted. The planning and, of course, the constant optimization of these paths is the central means for employees in customer management to achieve long-term success. The individual strategies and methods of the speakers are different, draw on individual and personal experience, but also on sound knowledge of history. Skilled with modern methods, from digital transformation to modern approach, but also the right strategies for customer retention.

Department heads, executives, managers and owners can learn a lot from the experiences of others. As a result, one’s own strategy can be defined, determined and optimized even before practical application. Accordingly, mistakes and costs that inevitably result from poor planning can be avoided.

Not only managers, of course, but also the staff and their own employees.

Training and workshops for employees

When it comes to training and further education for employees, it is usually about direct service to the guest or customer. Now, strategic planning and the concept in customer management ultimately turn into practical application in everyday life. How do customers and guests react to our concepts? How do you instruct employees and motivate them on a daily basis?

All of these questions are asked by department heads, managers, but also employees who manage even smaller teams. Each of these groups must be addressed individually, especially employees and staff, because they usually bring less experience than the upper echelons. Accordingly, the concepts and strategies are adapted to fit perfectly into a workshop of 3 hours, fill three whole days or even just 30 minutes.

Practical experience

Customer service is very difficult to learn based on theoretical models, because customer service is about people and very individual characters. Anyone who works in an international hotel chain, in a restaurant or at the bar, for example, is confronted with new situations every day. One person has had a very good day and is doing a lot of business, the other has had a very bad day and is accordingly not in a good mood. But the service staff must never let on that something is negative. A smile is worth a thousand words. As small as the steps can be, from the first smile, to the trained procedure, e.g. with five course menus, it is of course the same in retail, how is the customer served, how are his questions and wishes taken into account? Experience makes a lot of difference and accordingly, as a speaker agency, we also make sure that our speakers are a perfect fit for your company and ideas.

Booking a customer service speaker: Here’s how

Before every workshop, before every speech, there is a certain current state in the company that you as a manager, department head or employee would like to change. Our speakers offer the right know-how for you as a leader, manager and for your employees. In order to make everything as efficient as possible for you, the topic, goals, tasks and results are clearly defined in advance.

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Know-how for managers, department heads and employees

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Advantages at a glance

These are your advantages at a glance.

  1. Meaningful speaker profiles
  2. Proposals of concrete lecture topics
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  4. Testing and verification of any availability

Customer Service Areas: Common topics

What are typical and common subject areas? Customer service know-how areas include:

  • Communication techniques
  • Channel competency
  • Customer Success Management
  • Quality management

Customer Service Speaker Booking

You want an experienced speaker for your event? Our speaker agency will help you with the selection of the speaker, the communication and with all organizational procedures. Just call us or write us the most important data via e-mail. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

In customer service, many aspects matter. The planned organization facilitates many things in everyday life. That is why we arrange only experienced speakers for your company, training and education.