Keynote Speaker for staff training and further education in CRM

For all companies and agencies, customer service is one of the biggest challenges in everyday life. In customer service, whether as a consultant, salesperson or simple information carrier (call center), there is a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. Finding the right intuition is one of the biggest challenges […]

Emotional Intelligence: Learning and Examples – Training & Coaching

Emotional intelligence means not only understanding oneself but also the others. The definition according to Wikipedia: “Emotional intelligence is a term introduced by John D. Mayer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (Yale University) in 1990. It describes the ability to perceive, understand and influence one’s own and others’ feelings (correctly).” Anyone who works […]

Leadership: Skills, Tasks and Competencies – Coaching & Seminars

Managers need action competence, skills and, of course, qualities that are natural to them. But what is important when it comes to leadership styles, employee motivation and organizations? Managers are needed in all companies, especially in the current shortage of skilled workers. Know-How should be kept in the company. In order for your company to […]