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Are you looking for a keynote speaker for personality? We all know people with a very special personality or with a very special charisma or charisma. The emanation of a person often determines how we are perceived by our counterpart. Everyone knows the saying: “The first second counts”! Most of the time, it is even the first moment, just 0.3 seconds. People decide subconsciously in a fraction of a second whether they find a person sympathetic or not. The brain balances lightning speed experiences and preferences. We have formed our minds before we perceive them.

This decision, which has already been taken initially, always has an influence on the outcome of the negotiations in negotiations or in sales talks. That is why it is important not only for salespeople to show the charisma and unfold a certain personality at the moment. Not just sellers, but also managers, owners, or anyone who is in contact with customers.

Your speakers for personality development: sales and success

Charisma and personality are not congenital: development of consciousness

It is not only in the case of speakers, in every person, that one’s personality develops in the course of life. Here, too, many social and individual foundations go back, for example. The symbolic interactionism. This means that we perceive the world as it is given to us. For example, Learn that a dog is friendly, then we will perceive dogs as friendly beings. In return, if we are constantly told that spiders are somehow “disgusting” and that you should not touch them, we will think of that. Likewise, we understand very simple things like a bicycle, we see people cycling and adapt the idea that one can move fast on it. This symbolic interactionism shows that we are stuffing with a certain symbolism. Likewise, we can create our own personality forms and to create more charisma or more charisma with us.

The same concept is used every day in advertising. The trustworthy newspaper advertises with a car. A week later we find the car in a magazine, a little later we are applied online. At the same time, a player of the national soccer team gets a new car and proudly posts it to Facebook and Instagram. The permanent influence creates perception and places the products gradually in the long-term memory and subconscious.

Concepts can therefore be transmitted. Our speakers want to provide you with the right tools to create your own personality and perception in a situation-specific manner. There are already small, simple concepts to improve the own effect in the first second, here is a small insight:

The first impression: How do I enter a room?

Before going deep into the subject of “personality” and “development” or “effect”, the first step is to enter the room. This is the first meeting and thus also the first opportunity to underline your own personality. Let us take only two basic concepts:

  1. We imagine the room pointedly
  2. We imagine the room, left and right, wide open

We imagine the space shot as a tapering triangle. We make ourselves small, look straight ahead and will only have a small “effect” with the conversation partners. We can also turn the concept. We fold our arms apart and look our eyes from left to right. We perceive the space as great and complete. By taking an eye contact with each person and also turning the body slightly in all directions, we build up a connection and show the others that we are present. Thus it is their own charisma underlined the charisma.

Such small tricks help to unfold their own personality. If you enter the room three or four times with open arms and involve all persons with a short eye contact, you will enter the room with open arms for the fifth time.

Fatigue in the morning? Jumping and turning for adrenaline

Many managers are often on the road. From city to city, from hotel to hotel. After a long flight and the hotel search to appear at the meeting perfectly in the morning is a real challenge. Often, one’s own fatigue is an obstacle to perfect sales or negotiations. A factor that one likes to try to balance with coffee. It’s much easier with your own adrenaline! There are several small concepts that help us to rebuild our own charisma. Our goal is always to make your eyes sparkle, to have a light smile and to be present with momentum.

Possible, for example, by small jumps, just before the meeting. A few jumps in the progress to the office, which drives the body. After five or six jumps, you have to smile. This positive energy can be taken directly into the meeting. If you have to go into a high-rise building and know that a longer elevator ride is up, you should turn around in the elevator once or twice around your own axis. The slight dizzy feeling drives the body directly and the body ejects some adrenaline. Once again, you have directly positive energy collected and will already smile from the elevator.

Training for charisma: Many paths lead to Rome

There are countless ways to develop one’s own charisma, it is important to work on oneself and not to see it as self-evident or as given. Comparing managers with actors, they also have the urge to play a certain role. It is the same with the actual personality or the charisma. Just as you take a different role at home or when you are traveling with friends, you also take on a different role in your job and profession. In our coaching sessions, the coaches show how they can play authentic roles. Do you know this yourself?

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