Find employees: How do you get the best staff? – Starting your own business #13

Finding employees – How do you get the best employees? There are various ways of recruiting. Since the question comes very often at workshops, here are a few words on the subject of recruitment and image.

Find employees: Recruitment offline and online

Depending on which industry you are already active in, which opportunities you have, how local or international you are, you have different options:

Ultra Local in the supermarket or shop around the corner

Before I get back to my favorite subject: Social Ads, here’s a real live hack! Local recruitment can be done very well through the classic online portals. Here also still another small tip, at the supermarket around the corner there are always small notices. Here everyone can offer jobs, look for an apartment, simply sell a sofa or also point to his yoga course. In the supermarket around the corner, of course, people shop from close by, potentially also some people who are looking for a job or a new perspective. Especially if the supermarket is close to a university, because here a lot of newcomers are looking for jobs, but also people who have been living here for some time.

Online and Career Portal

The way via an online portal is of course much more efficient, because most people search for new jobs on the Internet and via search engines. However, the advertising is also relatively expensive, for a few workers sometimes four-digit amounts come together so fast. Of course always a cost-benefit calculation. The advantage: Large range, without own range (by Ads or SEO).

Search engine and search engine optimization for job advertisements

If your company relies on search engine optimization anyway, then you should definitely start here. “Office Clerk in Cologne-Nippes”, “Warehouse Worker in Berlin-Friedrichshain”, “Graphic Designer in Hamburg-Altona”, also some of the search terms can be optimized. Of course there are also here again large portals on place 1 and place 2 are represented but one or the other scrolls of course also the search results through. For some search terms it is relatively easy to get to the top, e.g. for “Praktikum Online-Shop München Schwabing”. Or even better with a really good longtail, “Werbeagentur Praktikum München Gehalt”. Why spend money on online portals when you can search for employees on your own website for free?

If you only have two or three jobs and your Internet project already has a few rankings, write 4,000, 5,000 words directly to each job ad. At the end of the article you can add a few YouTube videos and of course some interesting links especially for this topic. As a rule, there will be hardly any competition offers online that offer such an abundance of offers to that one particular location in that one particular city. Here we are directly back to the keyword: niche product. We have a special target group, job seekers of a certain age from a certain radius and a special product for this target group, the most informative job offer in the German-speaking Internet.

Positive social network ratings

For the recruitment of personnel and of course the positive image, advocates among the employees are very important. If you need very good personnel due to high technology, complicated processes or first-class management, you will get to good people through the short distance. E.g. recommendations made by your own staff. This is not only possible at the university or within one’s own circle of friends, of course also through evaluations on social networks. Because where does the search begin? Usually you look at Google, Facebook and other networks like Kununu or Yelp. What do former employees say? What do the current employees say? Don’t just give negative voices space, because very few people who have positive experiences report about it. Therefore, employees should be actively asked whether they would write an assessment. It’s worth it because hardly anyone thinks about it. If you as a company then with only 2 ratings, twice only got one star out of five possible, it looks directly negative for outsiders. You should pay attention to this in your reputation marketing.