Neuromarketing: How consumers make decisions – Video

Neuromarketing – In this 17-minute TEDx Talk, Mr. Terry Wu gives an interesting and short talk on neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is the science that deals with consumer decisions. Extremely interesting to improve your own sales statistics. Dr. Terry Wu: Speaker and Topic Dr. Wu received his master’s degree in neuroscience from Duke University. He then received […]

Email Funnel & Marketing: Speaker for Method, Marketing and Sales Promotion

Email Funnel – Newsletters have been around for over 30 years now. Many have long said newsletter marketing is dead, but in fact it still works extremely well. It’s even getting better, the methods have become extremely refined. What is an email funnel? How does an email funnel work? Learn from our experts. An overview […]

About us: tasks, team and agency

Keynote Speaker One – Our agency has been in existence since 2018. Our greatest sense of achievement: even today, we have existing customers from the first year for whom we book speakers and organize them on request. We bring know-how and companies together. Here you can learn more about our speaker agency, our tasks and […]

Real Estate Speaker: Buy, invest, avoid taxes and build wealth.

Speaker Real Estate – Buy, rent, avoid taxes and build wealth, through a property as an investment. The dream of millions of private individuals and thousands of salesmen, brokers and also those who are already “in” and perhaps already own their first or second property. In the field of real estate speaking there are different […]

Interview with Keynote Speaker One Agency Owner – Now in FIV Magazine

The very first interview about our speaker agency! Now in five languages, in FIV Magazine. Our agency owner answers questions about trends, prominent speakers and also questions about becoming a speaker. How can you package your knowledge so that it is in demand by other people, companies and institutions? Read the whole interview in the […]

Start Up! Start a company within a company + Accelerator in SMEs and corporations

Speaker Start Up – Start Up! company in the company – Together with our speakers, we developed a great new concept a few years ago, which now has more than 1,000 guests and listeners per year. In the section “Startup! Startup within the company”, we have focused on small and medium-sized companies as well as […]

Customer service: Employee training and further education in CRM

Speaker Customer Service – Customer service is one of the biggest challenges in the daily work of all companies and agencies. In customer service, whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or a simple information provider (call center), you are faced with a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. […]

Health: Speaker for exercise, fitness and prevention

Speaker Health – The health of people is not only important for each individual. Health and quality of life affect all areas in life. That’s why Keynote Speaker is also broad in the area of health. From everyday topics, such as exercise and health in the workplace, to long-term trends and extended lifespan, as a […]

Technology Speaker: What does the future hold? Tomorrow’s present and trends

Speaker Technology – Whether biotechnology, bionics, new electromobility, health, security of supply through energy technology, innovations in genetic engineering or even communications technology and artificial intelligence. There is hardly an area in which there are so many different fields of knowledge as in technology. The right experts, therefore, make the difference, no matter whether new […]

Human resources: further training and seminars for tasks in human resources management

Speaker Personnel – Finding the right personnel policy for one’s own company is sometimes a major undertaking. Lectures and speeches can help to absorb a lot of expertise and know-how in a short time in order to integrate it later into the company’s own economic processes. Personnel & Recruiting: Keynote Speaker Human resources is an […]