Win customers: Advantages and Advertising – Starting your own business #8

Winning customers – The easiest way to win customers is advertising. Henry Ford (who is revolutionizing the assembly line of the employment office) already said that for every dollar you put into the product you have to have another one ready to make the product known. Anyone who is willing to invest € 100,000 in […]

Customers, buying behaviour and competition – becoming self-employed #5

Customers, purchasing behaviour and competition – let’s assume that this is the case: The business model is in place, the basic structure is well thought out, the financing is secured, the products are produced, whether software or psychological, the sales department is ready, who are you talking to now? Know your own customers. Their interests, […]

Customer service: Employee training and further education in CRM

Speaker Customer Service – Customer service is one of the biggest challenges in the daily work of all companies and agencies. In customer service, whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or a simple information provider (call center), you are faced with a conflict between the interests of the company and those of the customer. […]

Online Marketing Speaker Gelsenkirchen: SEO, Informative Blog, Advertising, Newsletter Funnel, Influencer and Blogger and PR in Magazines

Agency for online marketing in Gelsenkirchen: All our consultants have their finger on the pulse of the times, so we as managers define target group-specific goals for agencies and brands. Especially new forms of marketing for reach, product placement and backlinks have a steadily increasing

Online Marketing Speaker Leipzig: Blogger, Live Tracking, A-B Testing and Online Adverts

Agency for Online Marketing in Leipzig – As consultants and specialists, our managers have their finger on the pulse of time, so we define as a consultant target group-specific goals for brands and companies. Behavior of visitors was changed in the long term by long-term, that also brings

Online Marketing Speaker Atlanta: Blogger, Mouse Tracking, A-B Testing and Digital Advertising Campaigns

Your Online Marketing Speaker! We are at your disposal in digital advertising as a reliable advertising partner for questions. With recommendations for the acquisition of new customers and the long-term development of your marketing strategy. Digital media change the lives of all your target

Online Marketing Speaker Karlsruhe: Social, Influencer and Blogger Acquisition, Advertising Campaigns, Blogs and Content Ideas

Online Marketing Speaker for Karlsruhe Strategies: All our experts and consultants have their finger on the pulse. With consultants we define target group specific strategies for agencies and brands. We support companies that want to improve your marketing concept, for conversion-strong

Online Marketing Speaker Mannheim: Social Networks, Bloggers and Influencers, Commercials, Creative Blogs with Added Value and Content Marketing

Online Marketing Speaker for Mannheim – All our consultants and specialists in Mannheim are digital natives. As a consultant we plan concrete strategies for brands and companies. Our online marketing agency advises innovative companies in Mannheim for multimedia campaigns. Especially