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Agency for online marketing in Gelsenkirchen: All our consultants have their finger on the pulse of the times, so we as managers define target group-specific goals for agencies and brands. Especially new forms of marketing for reach, product placement and backlinks have a steadily increasing influence on all important decisions in companies. All our managers help companies that want to optimize their marketing strategies, for high-reach advertising campaigns and distribution within channels. Online marketing with social media efforts, blogger and influencer relations, e-commerce newsletter funnel, tracking and A-B testing for insight profit and sales numbers. The normal media usage behavior is influenced by the mobile web and the digital transformation, that forces established companies to rethink.

The best speakers for your online marketing presentation

he society is changing and the new methods are no less important for experts in the profession for managers as the classic ways that are realized. For online marketing experts, it is about thinking the digital form of advertising further. Because only through innovative concepts, ideas and approaches can companies optimize online commerce through strategy. Simply described, clear, understandable and with the latest industry insiders and case studies.

No matter how, you choose and decide whether and if so, which speaker you would like to hire for the presentation. Our agency brings the best offers together for you and compares the most captivating experts directly. Our agents also take care of the immediate check of availability on the day of the event, with well-known and selected keynote speakers. Our service, a short description of all proposed lectures, as well as customized topics of the lecture you will receive for your Eventin Gelsenkirchen in advance, so that a targeted selection of people is possible.

It is clear that you decide which speaker you would like to invite for the keynote presentation at your congress. Our agency brings the best offers together for you clearly and compares the best experts for you directly. Even more, a description of all possible speeches, as well as special topics of the speeches you will receive for your company event in advance. We also take care of checking and verifying the time availability on the event day for your company event in Gelsenkirchen. With renowned experts, from the various areas.

Speaker for e-commerce newsletter funnel, retargeting and targeting on blogs, PR in magazines, commercials, A-B testing and social media management.

In lectures we speak from concrete project experience, not from theoretical knowledge from books, for example by lecturers. In the lecture we discuss best practices from around the world and the new trends in online marketing. As speakers and keynote speakers, we answer your individual questions about online marketing. The trend towards digitalisation can be seen everywhere, not only online. Discover speakers now easily and uncomplicated with our management. From experience, good speeches belong to every good event. With online marketing, turn your non-buyers into consumers and sustainable brand users, then get them to final brand loyalty. Because that’s how non-buyers and brand users become true brand fans and ultimately brand sponsors. We speak for CEOs and managers who align their company with the digital transformation or digitalization through online marketing management and digital business units, for more success in marketing.

We do media with targeting on platforms, PR concepts, online advertising, content concepts, A-B comparisons and social media for impressive results and sales figures. Especially new forms of advertising marketing for reach and link building have a steadily increasing impact on almost all businesses.

Online Marketing Basics

With strategies like search engine optimization, tailored for the most important of them, Google for Germany as well as Bing and partly Yahoo in the US, your shop has long lasting success through higher organic reach. Increase your profit now with well-placed rankings in search portals. Nothing leads past digital strategies and concepts for brands. Monitoring and previously defined key figures, our online marketing agency checks the success of online campaigns. The exchange of information makes concepts sophisticated, as well as the strategy. Let’s take a close look at all the most important sub-areas together. Increase sales no longer only on Amazon, increase the performance directly in your own online shop.

Consultants for companies: Tips for your online marketing

As speakers, we help your staff develop strategy. As consultants, we are also sometimes in companies for a longer period of time to train all your department heads, of course to analyze and then optimize processes, and also to discover together the best agencies for you and your marketing mix.

Search engine optimization and analytics for strong e-commerce performance and traffic sources

Online commerce is very different, depending on the target group. The selection of the most suitable channels is important in the digital strategy. Primarily in online marketing especially search engines and here primarily Google and all their optimization possibilities and functions, Google’s Adwords but also Display Ads help. For text advertising, online marketing agencies in Gelsenkirchen currently prefer to use Google Adwords. The change begins search engine optimization in the own blog and goes over the digital transformation to marketing automation. Your consultants for digital positioning and communication. Your full service online marketing speaker with expertise for managers in conception, online marketing and planning. In management, search engine optimization enjoys a high priority.

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Online Marketing Keynote Speaker booking with our agency

Keeping teams on the cutting edge, brands book as coaches for online marketing. As a coach, you spend days, sometimes a few weeks, with your employees to achieve all given goals for you and to increase sales in the long term. As a speaker on speeches, the preparation of the technical presentation is the most important thing to convey all content in a structured and generally understandable way. As a coach and trainer in companies it is always about creating methods in trustful cooperation with your executives. Many of the listeners want to improve their understanding of online marketing. That is why many presentations are also aimed at people who have little expertise.