Real Estate Speaker: Buy, invest, avoid taxes and build wealth.

Speaker Real Estate – Buy, rent, avoid taxes and build wealth, through a property as an investment. The dream of millions of private individuals and thousands of salesmen, brokers and also those who are already “in” and perhaps already own their first or second property. In the field of real estate speaking there are different […]

Social Media Speaker: Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram & Co. – Community to Ads

Speaker Social Media – Are you looking for up-to-date, practical knowledge and know-how in social media marketing, both for employees and customers? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok – social media is opening up a whole new world for companies, and it’s evolving faster than any marketing tool before it. So getting timely knowledge from experts is […]

Personnel Management and Leadership Style – Going Self-employed #14

Personnel management and leadership style – leadership strength is one of my favorite topics when I am together with other entrepreneurs. I myself am a vocational trainer, a young entrepreneur with all my passion and the ambition to make my employees the best of the best. Consequent action: Leadership style and personal responsibility In reality, […]

Personnel and Success: Familiarisation to working conditions – Starting your own business #12

Most companies usually start with interns or first-time employees on a temporary basis. Both interns and permanent employees are completely new to the company, nobody knows the philosophy or has spent a year really experiencing the business and the customers. Accordingly, it takes time to form, train and improve the team properly. Ideally, however, this […]

Social Media Marketing Mönchengladbach

Our lives, whether at work or in everyday life, are increasingly digital. Is your company already benefiting from the digital world? Are your employees already digitally connected? Honestly, do you personally benefit from online commerce? How are you responding to digital opportunities

Social Media Marketing Gelsenkirchen

Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether news, recommendations or shopping tips. Our lives are becoming digital. Now questions arise: Is the digital world already being used profitably by your employees? Are your employees digitally networked in all relevant business processes,

Social Media Marketing Wiesbaden

Our entire lives, whether at work or in everyday life, are becoming more digital. Now questions arise for you: Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your team? Is your team already digitally connected? Does the online economy bring you sustainable profits? How are

Social Media Marketing Chemnitz

Our entire lives are more digital. Does your company benefit from the digital world? Are your employees already digitally connected in all prioritized business processes, including customer satisfaction management? Does the online economy bring sustainable

Social Media Marketing Mannheim

No one has ever really learned everything and digital transformation is in full swing. More and more online marketers understand the trend towards renewal. Information is reaching people faster than ever before, whether it’s knowledge, news or recommendations from friends. Our lives

Social Media Marketing Karlsruhe

Communication is the dissemination of information, photos, videos and news. Today it reaches us humans quickly, as never before, through social networks and smartphones. None of us will ever be unlearned in our job and the digital transformation is in