Social Media Marketing Wiesbaden

Our entire lives, whether at work or in everyday life, are becoming more digital. Now questions arise for you: Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your team? Is your team already digitally connected? Does the online economy bring you sustainable profits? How are you responding in your decisions to the new possibilities and opportunities in your company’s marketing mix? None of us are out of our jobs and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers are responding to the trend of renewal. Communication It reaches us fast today, like never before persons. Quickly as never before we get on the Internet and in social networksInformation, whether recommendations, news or even interesting knowledge.

Presentations for management, commerce and social media campaigns

In everyday life we are 24 hours a day. In the lecture we present best practices and the new trends in marketing for new ideas and ways to new concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and experience from different projects. The digital transformation and digitalization are always omnipresent throughout everyday life. At our lectures in Wiesbaden, we will answer your individual questions as speakers.

Through social media marketing, you turn current non-buyers into new consumers and brand users, then get them to become brand loyalists. Because that’s how they become true brand fans and ultimately brand adopters. We speak for managers who align their company with the digital transformation or the digitalization of all markets through digital strategies and social media. And of course also for publicists and self-employed people who want to get to know the digital scope of action of social media marketing in more depth.

Our agency gives you answers to the most important questions in social media marketing in our presentations:

  • Are you already using social selling for marketing?
  • What positioning can your project achieve in the digital world?
  • How can I efficiently network my company digitally?
  • How does the current digitalization influence your industry?
  • What technical know-how and expertise do your managers need to take advantage of the new digital opportunities for marketing?
  • What methods do you use to attract influencers?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?

We place particular emphasis on these topics in our lectures:

  • Why social media?
  • Social e commerce
  • Social media services
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Concepts
  • Social media optimization and monitoring
  • Content marketing

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In the marketing of companies, our agency offers experts for your campaigns.

As social media experts, we observe the established media, such as Facebook, as well as the new social networks. Social media marketing is about thinking ahead in the digital form of advertising and therefore always finding new approaches. Only through new ideas and concepts can brands increase their digital sales through social commerce. Giving newly acquired knowledge is one of the essential virtues in management. With the latest industry insiders of managers and best practice examples, simply and understandably described. We also bring the individual opportunities and risks of social networks closer to people in German broadcast media, with all their challenges for entrepreneurs. Our experts.

Social Media Speaker for Events

Managers know that preparation is the most important thing for all keynote speakers at conferences in order to convey all content in a structured and understandable way. The topic selection can be associated with greater effort, because for a fairly complex and extensive topic, you sometimes have less than an hour for all core areas in the presentation. Most of our speeches and presentations at social media conferences are then given to an audience outside the field, for example sales people or executives who want to apply social media more fundamentally to their project. For our clients, our agency has specially categorized seminars and presentations into different experience levels, this allows our speakers to be flexible to the personal knowledge level of the audience. Your social media marketing consultants and speakers.

Trainer: With workshops for sustainable success

In order to keep entire departments up to date with the latest technology, brands book us as trainers for social media. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, you often start from scratch as a speaker. You spend a lot of time with your managers to meet all the objectives for you. With full commitment and in partnership, strategies, methods and concepts are developed. More about our speakers and social media trainers.

Here you will find about our keynote speakers and authors. Your lecturers.

Social media help for networks, commerce and management

With Facebook and other social networks, you can achieve a lot with your company and brand through clever strategies. Interaction has a central role. How and where people talk about your marketing, we find out together by monitoring in the analytics. Whether you need information about social media marketing or tips for commerce, our agency will advise you at any time. At every client meeting we find out which network is the right one for online marketing for you and your individual circumstances. Social media can help you gain more reach new customers and new sales for your company, sustainably of course. We will discuss what content your employees need to post and when the best time to post is with various best practice examples. The easiest start even for beginners with concrete cross-media strategies and an assessment and expertise of your potential opportunities. The target group should be constantly considered. Every company focuses on different campaign goals even before it starts, which it can achieve sustainably with social media management. Important metrics are used to find the strongest social media profiles. There are target groups on the various social networks. The social media experts plan the content which takes a lot of time. On the internet, it depends a lot on the exact address. With us as content specialists, your company is in safe hands and mistakes will never happen to you and your business again. Customer service should be equally present on social media for feedback on customer queries. The contact person is never on a first name basis on social media. is the content! Enthusiasm increases the sales fans of the company offer your fan pages on social media high span and expressive relevance. The different social media have frequent different facets. Social media needs presence and audience. Buying followers from Asia is bad.

Influencers: multipliers and leading figures like celebrities Build brand fans for the long term now with social media marketing.

People are changing their habits, so media usage is potentially shifting to social media. Harness the power of social media marketing! Have a modern presence on social media. Tell your Wiesbaden fans a company story and engage fans for years to come. targeted approach. With features like Graph Search, you have great tools at your disposal in Adsmanager. Not only to get to know your fans in detail. This is how you produce exact marketing concepts. Why? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Yotube offer your online marketing campaign enormous potential for your modern digital presence, international social media campaigns and precisely defined and targeted events. targeted approach.