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Speaker Social Media – Are you looking for up-to-date, practical knowledge and know-how in social media marketing, for employees or customers? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, social media is opening up a whole new world for businesses and it’s evolving faster than any marketing tool before it. So getting timely knowledge from experts is worth its weight in gold, after all we are talking about reaching millions, potentially even billions of people. No matter startup or internationally connected bank, social media marketing is now part of corporate communications. Learn more about our speakers, lectures and workshops in social media marketing here.

History, community, channel building – what is social marketing?

You have a great idea, but hardly anyone knows about it? Already Henry Ford said (inventor of mass production of automobiles)::

For every dollar you put into your product, you have to have another one ready to make it popular

Ergo: advertising is important and advertising today is digital.

Structure, further development and digitalization

Already have social media channels but want more reach, more followers and more performance (sales)? Printed posters still serve their specific purpose today, but the future is online. Even more specifically in social media. So to speak, the extended, digital circle of friends, constantly and everywhere available, in your pocket, thanks to smartphone.

At the same time, social media marketing and the development of social networks is more fast-moving than any other medium before. Digitalization is playing its part, whether it’s electric car mobility, the diversification of end devices without even Big Data.

User data: Big Data for Targeted Marketing

Did you know that each registered user in one of the largest social networks is linked to over 7,000 individual data? The data package includes much more than your own profile, what do I like? Who am I friends with? When am I online? What device am I using (old smartphone, new smartphone)? Social networks give marketers a flood of data that was never there. As you can see, there is a lot to talk about and discover in our social media speeches, trainings and workshops.

Factual and potential knowledge (capable of forecasting)

People connect on social media through apps and websites. Through their interaction, data is collected. Each new data package allows new connections, thus providing not only factual knowledge, but also potential knowledge.

For example, if you are friends with many people who have a certain opinion, you might be receptive to products and services, but also opinions, that correspond to this (the “friends”). Advertising on social media works the same way. Due to the large amounts of data available, people can be targeted. For ideas, projects, companies, but also politics and parties.

Social marketing isn’t just about paid reach (ads) though, it’s also about organic reach, community building, through good content that users interact with.

Crossmedia: Target group, social networks and strategy

First and foremost, however, comes the setup. Especially with the multitude of social network providers, it is often important to focus on the most profitable social networks. This again depends on the product, special targeting on business portals like LinkedIn, extremely young target groups on TikTok or gamers and fans of video games, on Twitch.

Depending on the business model of your company, strategies must be developed so that your social media concept is coherent and generates the greatest possible success / sales, in relation to the given marketing budget.

As you can see, when it comes to social media marketing, there’s a big difference between whether you want an impulse or in-depth, specialized workshops, each anchored in a specific subject matter.

There are Facebook experts, YouTube experts, Instagram experts, experts for virality. Depending on the objective you pursue with your speaker, different strategies can be felt, how the knowledge is conveyed most effectively, to guests and / or employees.

In addition, there are links with existing marketing measures, crossmedia. Crossmedia refers to the cross-media mix of marketing campaigns. For example, the accompanying social media campaign for the trade fair or the TV commercial.

Community Management: Organic Growth

Whatever the marketing strategy, ultimately it’s always about building reach. The highest quality reach is organic. You get organic reach exclusively through good content.

Content creation according to target groups

Depending on the social network, content creation is extremely different. Just think about Instagram, here a simple photo can be enough. TikTok needs new, very creative and moving content all the time. YouTube, on the other hand, needs a long-term plan for video marketing. Here you can work with content that is over 10 seconds, even ten minutes or even 20, 30 minutes long.

Performance Marketing: Social Ads

Last but not least is performance, which means the distribution of paid content through social media ads and alternative forms of advertising, such as display ads, on other platforms.

You have already learned a lot about this in the introduction. Among them, for example, how targeted advertising is possible on social networks, through Big Data (by age, interests and much more). Remember? Every user leaves behind thousands of pieces of data when surfing, which can ultimately be used to target groups extremely precisely.

The combination of community, content, but also performance, is the mix that matters in social marketing.

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