Technology Speaker: What does the future hold? Tomorrow’s present and trends

Speaker Technology – Whether biotechnology, bionics, new electromobility, health, security of supply through energy technology, innovations in genetic engineering or even communications technology and artificial intelligence. There is hardly an area in which there are so many different fields of knowledge as in technology. The right experts, therefore, make the difference, no matter whether new subject areas such as nanotechnology and robotics or very elementary fields such as water and wastewater technology. We will find the right speaker for your presentations, workshops and keynotes.

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Similarly, Industry 4.0 in economically developed countries such as Germany, the USA and others has shown how technology still has a lasting impact on our lives today, even much more so than in the past. However, technology has always played a central role in humanity, from the first inventions of simple tools, to industrialization in the UK and today’s industrial age.

Our speakers against a big overview or go into the details of digitization for you. As a speaker agency, we provide speakers with absolute know-how and knowledge in their technological fields. No matter if it’s about industry 4.0, the digital transformation or changes in distribution channels through online marketing and e-commerce!

Technologies dominate our everyday lives and the digital transformation has also made its way into all areas of social and economic life. Even politics is taken with the digital transformation. A large part of opinion-forming now takes place worldwide within the Internet. Social networks, online platforms and blogs provide the opinion-forming processes of the future.

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How to book a technology speaker

Before every workshop, before every speech, there is a certain current state in the company that you as a manager, department head or employee would like to change. Our speakers offer the right know-how for you as a leader, manager and for your employees. In order to make everything as efficient as possible for you, the topic, goals, tasks and results are clearly defined in advance.

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Advantages at a glance

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  1. Meaningful speaker profiles
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Technology areas: Common topics

What are typical and common subject areas? Among the know-how areas of technology are:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • IT Networks
  • Cybersecurity
  • Industry

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