Virtual lectures: Speakers for digital keynotes and continuing education

Virtual Speeches – Are you looking for the perfect speaker for your upcoming digital keynote, training or education? With our speaker agency you will find him or her. Learn a little more here, about digital lectures and our services for you. 100% digital, 100% variety of topics.

Knowledge transfer independent of location

The great advantage of virtual speaking, coaching and lectures is, of course, the location-independent transfer of knowledge. No matter where you are, no matter where your employees and managers are on the road, everyone can take part in such a virtual speaking appointment.

Even if there is a time difference, content can be retrieved again after the appointments, by mutual agreement for 24 hours or even longer.

Of course, this also saves a lot of time and effort in the organization. Accordingly, no speakers have to be flown in, employees travel to the event locations in a coordinated manner. All they need is Wi-Fi and a technical device.

Digitized lectures: Tools for 100+ participants

Many of our lectures have now been digitized and also prepared for virtual knowledge transfer. For this purpose, lectures are of course not transferred one-to-one from analog to digital, they are also methodically adapted so that the knowledge can also be conveyed in digital form.

Depending on what video capacities are needed, how many people are involved, different platforms are used for the appointment. Typically, for example, software tools such as Zoom from Microsoft, Meet from Google or even other tools.

From one-on-one coaching to a series of lectures with 100 participants.

Know-how transfer through adapted methodology

The methodologies and strategies of digital knowledge transfer differ from those of analog knowledge transfer. After all, many aspects are missing here, e.g. the direct audience interaction questions.

In digital coaching sessions, you will soon find that people are rather hesitant to ask questions. Accordingly, such questions, and of course other circumstances that digital coaching brings with it, must be addressed.

Same variety of topics: 100% digital

The great advantage, despite digitized courses, the variety of topics has remained the same. From A for sales promotion for marketing strategies to Z for target group analyses in personnel recruiting. Do you need innovations in a specific topic? Get in touch with our team and our contact persons, via phone or e-mail!

The most important topics at a glance:

Advantages: Virtual speeches, coaching, lectures

Let’s briefly summarize the main advantages of virtual lectures again here:

  • Knowledge transfer independent of location
  • Digitized lectures
  • Know-how transfer through adapted methodology
  • Adapted structures and processes
  • Same variety of topics

The most common requests are for these higher-level topics:

Subject areas: Also available virtually

Here is an overview of the overarching themes.

Know-how, at work and everywhere: