Social Media Marketing Gelsenkirchen

Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether news, recommendations or shopping tips. Our lives are becoming digital. Now questions arise: Is the digital world already being used profitably by your employees? Are your employees digitally networked in all relevant business processes, also in customer satisfaction management? Are you profiting from online trading? How are you responding to the new opportunities in the modern marketing mix? The current digital transformation is in full swing, none of us has ever stopped learning. Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos, videos and news, reached with smartphones quickly, as never before, through social networks and smartphone.

Lectures for Commerce, Management and Channels

In the lectures we discuss best practices and the new highlights in marketing. As speakers and keynote speakers, we will answer your individual questions. The digitalization trend can be seen everywhere. As digital natives, we always spend our time on the social web, for example with friends or shopping. We offer know-how and agency experience from many media projects.

Through social media marketing, you turn your non-buyers into consumers and, with luck, into sustained brand users. Then you bring them to the final brand loyalty. Because that’s how non-buyers become true brand fans for your company, and ultimately brand sponsors who are happy to recommend you to friends. We speak for managers who align their company with the digital transformation through digital strategies and social media marketing, for more success in the marketing concept. Likewise also for freelancers and publicists who want to understand the digital scope of social media marketing with all the individual challenges for social media marketers.

Our consultants will give you answers to your questions:

  • Perception of the target group: What reputation does your company have in a digital world?
  • Is your industry sustainably influenced by the current digital transformation?
  • How can you apply new things like social selling on YouTube and Instagram profitably for your company?
  • What strategies do you use to attract influencers and ambassadors to your products?
  • What expertise and technology does your company need to adapt?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • How can you network your company digitally efficiently?

We focus on these core areas in our speeches:

  • What is social media for?
  • Social media services
  • Social media optimization and monitoring
  • Content marketing
  • Social commerce
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Case Studies

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When it comes to online marketing, our speaker agency has experts for all social networks.

For innovative concepts and strategies in social media management and marketing we develop deeper concepts and strategies. We as social media experts analyze the classic media as well as the new social networks worldwide. With these special methods your company can promote digital but also retail sales. We pass on our experience in speeches to the new generation. As social media consultants, we also appear quite often in front of audiences and on TV to help them understand social networks and the group dynamics of users and their impact. With best practice examples and paxis insiders, brought closer in an understandable and simple way. More about our social media experts.

Your speakers for intensive presentations

As a booked keynote speaker at an online marketing conference, preparation for the talk, as well as targeted and well-packaged information delivery, is always key. Our speakers will cater to the individual knowledge level of our audience, as the talks are categorized into practical experience levels. Topic design can sometimes involve more effort, as for a relatively broad topic, one is left with less than an hour to cover all the core areas in the speech. Most of our speeches usually go to an audience outside of the subject. More about our speakers and social media speakers.

Social Media Trainer: With workshops for success

To keep employees permanently up to date, clubs book us as trainers. With full commitment and in partnership cooperation, concepts, methods and strategies are developed. In addition, there are many new optional significant social networks, for example Pinterest, Snapchat as well as Whatsapp and of course new direct marketing methods as with Whatsapp or through bots in Facebook. As a social media coach, you spend a few hours, sometimes several weeks, so as to achieve for you all the previously agreed goals. Our social media marketing consultants and coaches.

More about our speakers and social media lecturers. Your authors.

We offer initial consulting for social media campaigns, commerce and customer service

The easiest way to get started, even for beginners, with concrete cross-media strategies and an assessment of your existing opportunities. To see what content you need to post and when is the right time for it, we discuss with different best practices. Whether you need information on social media marketing or opportunities for commerce, we’re always here to advise. We know which network will be best for you. Social networks will help your employees gain employees, new customers and reach, sustainably. In social media monitoring we find out when and how people are discussing your brand, interaction occupies a big role in monitoring. In order to find the most valuable social media channel, identifiers of subscriber numbers should be determined. The audience you want to reach needs to have a permanent say in this. The discussed goals that you want to achieve in your business through social media management and marketing sets every company. The wide crowd is each active in diverse platforms differently. Our planning for your company is at the highest level and includes a mix of diverse topics. On social media, the right cover letter matters a lot. Therefore, Keynote Speaker One among others are well experienced in this and other areas, you are in the best hands. Content matters! In social media, people don’t use the polite form of address. Fans become customers That is why fan questions should likewise get regular feedback on social media. The various social media have several different characteristics. Through high reach, the social networks live. No fake users from Japan, but tangible fans. Regularly active users spread your products steadily more often on social media.

Influencers: how marketing with Instagrammers really works Build brand fans immediately, use creative tools from Facebook like retargeting to re-promote them.

efficient target group communication. Facebook, Vimeo or Instagram: Our agency consultants manage your fan pages daily with multimedia strategies in marketing. With creative experts for Facebook for the core areas for online marketing. Win fans together with us through new ideas well-made concepts! Perfect events: power of social media marketing! Efficient communication with the community. Get creative, tell your fans a story and inspire new brand fans for many years to come. Build brand fans today in a planned way and use creative technologies like retargeting to increase conversions. Our social media marketing enables viral events for your business, and efficient community interaction.