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Our lives, whether at work or in everyday life, are increasingly digital. Is your company already benefiting from the digital world? Are your employees already digitally connected? Honestly, do you personally benefit from online commerce? How are you responding to digital opportunities and possibilities in your company’s marketing mix? The new digital transformation is in full swing. None of us have ever really learned on the job. Information, whether news, recommendations or even shopping tips, reaches us today faster than ever before. Communication It reaches us today with smartphones fast, as never before, through social networks and smartphone.
We live in the social web with all its advantages. In the lecture we will discuss the new highlights in marketing and unique best practices. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and experience from numerous projects. Everywhere you can see the trend of digital transformation of industries and markets. As a speaker, we will answer your questions.

We offer consulting for optimization, social media customer service and optimization

Digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers of your brand, brand users and real brand fans and finally brand sponsors. Our lectures in Mönchengladbach inspire of course especially managers who want to achieve the highest visibility in or with social media. Of course, the lectures are also for publicists and freelancers who want to learn more about the digital scope of action of social media with all the individual challenges.

Our agency will give you answers to the most important questions:

  • How do you strategically position your company in the digital transformation?
  • How can you easily convince influencers about your business?
  • What are your firm’s reputational tools in the digital world?
  • How could you profitably apply trends like social selling on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to your business?
  • How can I digitally network my company?
  • What technology and skills does your company need to take advantage of digital opportunities for marketing?

We focus our presentations on these topics:

  • Why social media?
  • Social e commerce
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social media optimization and monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing Concepts
  • Content marketing
  • Social media services

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We work with trusted experts for all relevant social media marketing decisions.

As a social media expert, we look at the traditional social networks, such as Youtube, as well as the new social networks around the world. For innovative concepts in social media management and marketing we develop deeper concepts and strategies. This way your company can promote digital but also retail sales. Passing on knowledge at some point also fills each of our speakers with joy. With best practice case studies and Paxis insiders, simply and understandably brought closer. As speakers, we also appear in front of audiences and TV cameras time and time again to clarify social networks and their group dynamics and effects step by step. Our social media experts.

Speaker for your conference

As a booked keynote speaker at a conference, the preparation for the presentation and the targeted and bundled information transport is the most important thing. As a speaker at many events, you only have three quarters of an hour for a comprehensive topic. Many of our speeches and presentations as speakers at social media events are even aimed at an audience outside the field. For our clients, our agency has divided speeches for this purpose into separate experience levels, so that our speakers can individually address the knowledge level of the participants. Learn more about our keynote speakers and speakers here.

Increased success for your employees thanks to training

To keep managers and teams always up to date, book companies as practical coaches for social media. Individual concepts, methods and guidelines are developed with full commitment and in partnership. Sometimes we spend a long time on consulting services in order to achieve the best result for you. Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, at many events you often start as a speaker with the absolute basics for beginners. Your Social Media Trainers.

Your social media marketing lecturers. Your social media marketing authors.

Speeches for services, social media campaigns and social commerce

Social media can help you gain increased sales, new customers and more reach, and do so sustainably. Whether you need information on social media management or customer support, our agency can advise you at any time. We will find out which social media will be the best for your brand to market online at every consultation appointment. The easiest way to get started, even for beginners, with concrete cross-media strategies and an expertise of your existing options after presentations. Which content you should publish and when is the optimal time for postings, we explain with multi-faceted best practices. When monitoring in social networks, we find out when and how people are talking about your marketing. The optimized target group should have a constant say in this. There are different target groups in the various social media channels. The social media experts plan the content which needs many steps. To find the most valuable social media channel, identifiers of subscribers numbers should be submitted. Every brand focuses on different goals for conversion optimization even before starting the digital campaign, which it can create with social media management. On the internet, it depends a lot on the exact address. With us as content specialists, your business is SAFE and no more mishaps will ever happen to you. Enthusiasm increases brand loyalty and thus lets sales grow Content is the most important thing! On social media, people only use first names. The customer service should be represented on the social platforms for a feedback on the products as well. It is better to have real users instead of buying them on the internet. Social media needs attention and audience. To gain span, your company needs! Your company needs engaged users. The various social platforms have many different facets.

Musicians are influencers, multipliers, leading figures and opinion leaders Build brand fans today, use creative technologies like retargeting to increase reach for your intended goals.

Youtube, Facebook and Instagram – our consultants look after your social media channel on a daily basis with innovative cross-media concepts. Tell your Mönchengladbach users in social media your personal story and convince, especially as an owner-managed company followers for many years. Get the power of social media marketing! multinational campaigns. Tell your fans in social media your individual story and convince, especially as a start up follower for your brand and for many years. Build sustainable brand fans, use creative technologies like retargeting for your intended goals to pick them up again. To get to know subscribers in detail, your company has highly efficient options from the market leader Facebook itself Graph Search. With smart multimedia concepts between Instagram and Facebook. Rapid reach increase.