Customers, buying behaviour and competition – becoming self-employed #5

Customers, purchasing behaviour and competition – let’s assume that this is the case: The business model is in place, the basic structure is well thought out, the financing is secured, the products are produced, whether software or psychological, the sales department is ready, who are you talking to now? Know your own customers. Their interests, […]

Emotional Intelligence: Learning and Examples – Training & Coaching

Emotional intelligence means not only understanding oneself but also the others. The definition according to Wikipedia: “Emotional intelligence is a term introduced by John D. Mayer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (Yale University) in 1990. It describes the ability to perceive, understand and influence one’s own and others’ feelings (correctly).” Anyone who works […]

Online Marketing Speaker New York: Commercials, Content Marketing, Social, Blogger, SEO and Targeting

Online Marketing Agency in New York – As a consultant, our marketing managers in New York are on the cutting edge. As experts, we define target group-specific strategies for companies and brands. Social media marketing like Blogger and Influencer Marketing for