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Online Marketing Speaker for Karlsruhe Strategies: All our experts and consultants have their finger on the pulse. With consultants we define target group specific strategies for agencies and brands. We support companies that want to improve your marketing concept, for conversion-strong digital campaigns. Online marketing with newsletters, targeting and retargeting, PR measures, advertising campaigns, content, A/B comparisons and social media for insight. Visitor behavior was essentially influenced by sustained. In particular, social media marketing such as blogger and influencer marketing for reach and backlinks has an ever-increasing influence on all major decisions in advertising agencies.

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The online marketing specialist is all about developing the new, form of digital advertising for the next generation of managers. We as online marketing speakers and experts observe the established areas, as well as for example SEO, digital advertising, newsletter marketing, influencer and blogger management and magazine PR around the world. So your company can increase digital but also brick-and-mortar sales (POS). With best practice examples and paxis insiders, understandable and simply brought closer.

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Discover the most extraordinary speakers now with our agency. Using practical examples, we will show you new trends and ideas for your own online marketing in lectures. From experience, every good event also includes good lectures. Only conclusions from numerous campaigns make strong concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and experience from different media projects. As speakers and keynote speakers we answer your questions about online marketing. The trend of digitalization of markets and industries can be seen everywhere, not only in online commerce. We speak for managers who are already aligning their company with the digital transformation or digitalization through online marketing management and pure digital business areas.

Social media marketing like influencer marketing is also having an increasing impact on companies. Implementation with e-commerce newsletters, targeting on portals, magazine PR, ads, content, A/B comparison for ads and social media for insight profit.

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Today, there is no way around the various concepts and strategies of marketing for companies in media relations in success-oriented marketing, benefit from it already economically. Trust in digital sales for your brand! With methods such as SEO or search engine optimization, you have sustainable success through the increased clicks on your shop. With the help of monitoring measures and previously defined performance indicators, your agency will subsequently analyse the achieved economic success of the online campaigns, sometimes even directly during the campaign placement. In a media planning, the smooth exchange of information makes strategies more coherent and much more effective. In this way, we increase sales not only exclusively on Amazon, but directly in our own e-commerce. Let’s keep an eye on all the basic areas that exist in the digital promotion of services.

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As a speaker we help you to develop fancy strategies and concepts for your previously described multimedia campaigns in Karlsruhe and Baden-Württemberg. We as consultants and managers are sometimes in the companies for a longer period of time to train employees and to analyze and optimize processes, or to discover the best agencies for your marketing mix.

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Primarily in agencies especially the search engines and their functions for customers, Google Adwords and Display Ads help. For text and banner advertising online marketing agencies currently prefer to use Google Adwords. Online trading and marketing is extremely diverse in practice. The more important is an in advance targeted strategy and always the selection for the right channels. Your strong partner for digital brand building and positioning. In management, search engine optimization enjoys a high reputation, as successes are very sustainable and brands therefore generate additional profit for the next months and years. Take advantage of our experience and efficient consulting with core competencies in design, digital strategy and online marketing. The desired change begins with marketing conception and continues with search engine optimization (SEO) in the own blog up to Big Data.

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With full commitment and in partnership cooperation, concepts, methods and guidelines are developed with the team. Almost all presentations are held in front of non-specialist audiences. A lot of time is spent to meet all the goals for the customer and to increase your profit. As a manager, we are hired by various companies and firms that want to keep their own departments up to date with the latest technology to know new opportunities and features. As an expert and speaker of an online marketing training or even as a keynote speaker, the preparation of the presentation is the most important thing for the understanding of the audience.