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We are your online marketing speakers! Our specialists and managers are at your side as advertising partners in B2B as well as in B2C business. With insights for new customer acquisition and building your marketing plan. We do media with social strategies, newsletters, tracking and A-B comparisons for precise insights. New forms of marketing in particular have a higher profile in companies. Our agency helps brands who want to increase the knowledge of their departments, for strong advertising campaigns. The mobile web and digital media affect the lives of every target group in the long term.

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For new strategies in online marketing management we develop deeper concepts and strategies. We as online marketing experts observe the traditional areas, just as for example social media strategies, newsletters, tracking and A-B comparison for advertisements worldwide. Because only with new ideas, approaches and concepts brands can increase online trade through strategy. Understandable, simple and with best practice examples and real insiders.

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As speakers, we provide detailed answers to your individual questions on the topic of online marketing. Find and book speakers now. Good presentations are part of every good event. We use practical examples to show you new trends and ideas for online marketing. In lectures we speak from concrete project experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge from online marketing books, as is often the case with lecturers. The trend of digitalization can be seen everywhere. We speak for decision makers in companies and managers who align their project through online marketing and digital business areas after the digital transformation or the digitization of all markets, for sustainable economic success in the planned marketing concept.

Especially social media marketing like blogger and influencer marketing has a sustainable higher impact on almost all relevant decisions in marketing departments. We do media with social measures, newsletters, e-commerce tracking and A/B comparison for ads for the exact insight and numbers.

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With targeted measures such as search engine optimization (SEO), tailored for Google for Germany as well as Bing in the United States, your shop has sustainable success through the growing organic reach. Today, there is no way around the countless multimedia concepts and strategies, benefit already. You can also profit from search engine placement. Through KPIs or monitoring measures, our managers check the ultimate economic success of digital campaigns. The smooth exchange of information makes strategies more coherent and much more effective in achieving goals. We keep an eye on all the key sub-areas that many are aware of. Maximize your sales no longer only through social networks Amazon or Ebay, but additionally directly in your own platform.

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Our speakers help you to create sophisticated methods and strategies for your target group in Hannover. Our consultants and campaign managers are also sometimes on site for a longer period of time to improve processes, to actively support employees but also managers, or to find the best agencies for your new marketing mix with you.

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The more useful is the targeted strategy and the selection for the right channels. Online trade and marketing is in practice very demanding depending on the target group. In online marketing agencies are popular of course the search engines and one in particular Google and their possibilities and functions, such as Google Adwords and for the portals Display Ads. For banner advertising on search portals online marketing agencies in Hannover use of course primarily Google Adwords. The process begins Digital Transformation and goes through Big Data and their analysis to consulting for digital advertising and social marketing. In our management, search engine optimization like Google is one of the first steps in the work of the agency, as successes are very sustainable. Your online marketing speakers with skills in design, strategy and online marketing. Your consultants for digital positioning and brand communication.

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With full commitment and in trusting cooperation, individual strategies, methods and concepts are developed with employees. Almost all lectures we hold for audiences who have had little to do with online marketing. As a trainer at spends for consulting services really long time with the employees to achieve the optimal result for the customer and to improve your profit. The preparation of the lecture is the most important thing for all speakers to convey all information in a structured and understandable way. To keep managers up to date, associations book us as coaches for online marketing.