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Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation in companies across Germany and worldwide in full swing. No one has learned on the job. Our entire life is always digital. Are you benefiting from online commerce? Is your company already benefiting from the new digital environment? How are you responding in your decisions to the new opportunities in the modern marketing mix? Communication It reaches us people today quickly, as never before people. Quick and targeted as never before we get information in social networks, whether recommendations from friends and influencers, news or even knowledge.
As speakers, we answer your specific questions on the topic of social media at our presentations. The trend of digitalization of industries and markets can be seen everywhere, not only online. Using practical case studies, we will show you the new and most promising trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing for companies. AsSocial Media Managers, we spend our time not only at work, but always on the social web, with friends or online shopping. Conclusions from numerous campaigns make strong concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from many projects.

We offer help for social media campaigns, optimization and management

We speak for CEOs and managers who are already aligning their company with the digital transformation or the digitalization of all markets through social media management and pure digital business models. Likewise, the lectures are also for freelancers and self-employed who want to learn to understand the digital scope of action of social media marketing with all its individual challenges for companies. Through social media marketing you turn current non-buyers into consumers, into brand users and get them to final brand loyalty. Because this is how they become true brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors who are happy to recommend you.

We give you the most important answers to questions in social media marketing in our lectures:

  • How are you positioning your company for digitization?
  • What technology and expertise do your managers need?
  • In what ways do you attract influencers and ambassadors?
  • Do you use social selling for marketing on social networks?
  • How can you digitally network your company?

In particular, we will focus our presentations in Braunschweig on the following topics:

  • Why social media?
  • Social media services
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media optimization and monitoring
  • Social commerce

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In digital marketing our agency has expertise for your campaigns and actions.

As a social media expert, we look at the established social networks as well as the new ones worldwide. For new concepts and strategies in social media marketing and management we develop multi-layered concepts and strategies. Because only through new concepts, ideas and approaches can companies increase their sales through social commerce. Passing on knowledge to the next generation at some point is one of the most important tasks in management. With their users and functions, social networks offer opportunities and risks for your brand. We also bring these closer to people in German-language broadcast media. Simple, understandable and with best practice examples as well as real insiders. Our experts.

The speakers for insightful presentations

As a speaker, the most important thing is to prepare the presentation specifically and tailored to the audience present in order to convey all the information in a structured and comprehensible manner. For a fairly extensive topic, you only have half an hour in the speech for all the basics. We usually give most of our speeches to people from outside the field, e.g. executives or buyers who want to use social media in more depth for better sales. For our clients, our agency has specially divided lectures and seminars into different levels of difficulty, so our speakers can flexibly respond to the knowledge and experience level of the guests and thus promise a perfect result with long-lasting knowledge gain. Our speakers.

Social Media Trainer: Coaches for your employees in Braunschweig

As managers, we are commissioned by many companies and enterprises when they want to bring their employees up to the latest technological level. As a trainer, it is always about planning concepts in trustful cooperation with your managers, in Braunschweig Germany and Europe. As a social media trainer, you spend a few days in the individual departments, with the managers, in order to achieve the optimum result for the customer and, in part, to increase your profits in the long term. More about our keynote speakers and trainers.

Learn more about our keynote speakers and lecturers. Our authors.

Initial consultation for advertising campaigns, social commerce and social customer service

With social media monitoring, we find out where, how and when people are discussing your products. Which target group relevant content your employees should publish and when is the strongest time for postings, we discuss with different best practices. During our presentations, we give you an initial expertise of your potential opportunities, with concrete methods, the most appropriate start for social media. Whether you need advice on social media management or commerce, we’ll be happy to advise you further. Our trainers know straight away which medium will be right for your brand and circumstances. Gaining customers, reach and recruiting employees, social media brings you all that. In different social media are audiences independent of each other. Many working days are spent creating content. Every company has individual goals, for sales, which they want to achieve with social media marketing. To find the most valuable social media channels, important key figures such as the number of subscribers should be known. The defined target group must be constantly observed. On the internet, the right cover letter matters a lot. The content is everything! The contact person is never on the social networks gesiezt. As social media specialists, you are in safe hands with us and no mistakes will happen to you and your company. Followers become consumers To make customers happy the enthusiasm of the fans must be in line. Brand fans provide essential reach and remarkable weight to your social media channels. Tangible fans, rather than fakes from Asia. Increased reach is how social media lives. The specifics of different social media is different.

Build brand fans sustainably and use new tools like retargeting to pick them up again. What are influencers and influencer marketing?

The more precisely your target audience is determined by social media management, the stronger the user interaction of your channel will be. To get to know fans and more extensively, your team has great options from the market leader Facebook itself, highlighting Graph Search. Using professionals to make relevant marketing decisions. We focus on strong, viral brands! With smart, cross-media ideas between Youtube and Facebook. Tell your story to your fans in social media and convince, especially as a start up new brand fans for your brand and for many years! Get the power of social media marketing! viral events. User interaction is what social media is all about. A precisely specified target group to address increases the interaction rate factor considerably.