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Quickly as never before, we get information on social networks, whether it is recommendations, news or interesting knowledge. Communication It reaches people today at a speed that has never been known before. Life becomes digital. Do you profit from the online economy? Is the new digital world already profitable for your company? How do you react to the new digital opportunities and opportunities in modern marketing? Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation in companies and industries in full, no one has ever learned anything in his job.

In the lectures, we present the new marketing highlights and unique best practices. In lectures, we speak of concrete project experience, not of theoretical applied knowledge from books, for example by lecturers. In everyday life, we are as digital natives 24 h daily. In our lectures in Athens, as a speaker, we give detailed answers to your questions. Digital transformation is omnipresent.

We speak for decision-makers in companies and managers who align their business with digital business models and community-based social media marketing after the digital transformation or the digitization of all markets. Also for freelancers and publicists who want to bring their digital strategies to the next level through social media. Make non-buyers into consumers, brand users, and bring them to brand loyalty. Thus, non-buyers become real brand fans and finally brand sponsors.

  • Perception: What kind of reputations can your brand achieve in the new digital world with marketing?
  • What methods do you gain How can you make the most of social insights for your company?
  • What kind of expertise and technology does your company need to meet the new digital opportunities for the company?
  • How does the current digitalization impact your industry?

We emphasize these points in our lectures: Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

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In terms of online marketing, our speaker agency has experts for your campaign.

As a social media expert, one considers the classic social networks as well as the new social networks. Social media marketing is about the digital form of advertising. This allows your brand to increase digital as well as stationary sales (POS). As speakers, our experiences go to the current generation of managers. We also communicate the different chances and risks of social networks in the media and on the radio. With case studies and insiders, simple and understandable explained. Your Experts.

The speakers for interesting presentations

Managers know that the targeted preparation, tailored to the audience, is the most important to convey all information intelligibly and in a structured way as a speaker at events in Athens. For individual knowledge, we split all our speeches into different degrees of difficulty. The finding of the topic is associated with a little more effort in the preparation of the speech, because for a relatively comprehensive and complex topic one has as speaker only half an hour. Most of our lectures are held by people who are unfamiliar. Our Speaker.

Coaches for your company thanks to Social Media Trainer

In order to keep our own departments in the short term on the technological state of affairs, book clubs as coaches. Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, actually, on many days you start at the very front. As a coach, the goal is always to plan concepts in partnership with the employees. As a social media trainer, you spend hours with the employees to reach the goals set for the customer and to increase your sales. Learn more about our Keynote Speaker and Trainers.

Learn more about our Keynote Speaker and Lecturers. Your Social Media Marketing Authors.

Social Media Consulting for Marketing, Commerce and Advertising Campaigns

To see which target groups you need to post relevant content or when the best time is for postings, we take a look at multi-faceted case studies. With Facebook, you can achieve a lot with your brand. In social media monitoring, we find out when, where, and how social networks talk about your company, interaction plays a central role. Social networks will effectively help your employees reach more reach customers and sales for themselves and sustainably. Whether you need advice on monitoring or social media marketing, we are happy to advise you further. Our trainers know what medium is best for your brand. The ideal introduction with practical, concrete multimedial methods and an expertise of your existing possibilities. On the different networks are different target groups. The employees plan the content of the social media channel, which requires a lot of time. Essence codes are used to find the strongest feeds of social networks. The previously discussed campaign goals that can be achieved with social media marketing, each company will optimize sales. The optimized target group must be constantly monitored. The right approach for the followers in the social media is the essence. Because our social media specialists are very well versed in the field, you and your company are on the best side. Content is everything! Customer service should also be represented in the social media to answer customer queries. The community becomes consumers New span is the most important for social media. Regularly active users spread your products tremendously. Better are real followers, rather than the company which purchase online. Social networks are different. Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat & Co. have their differences.

Athletes are Influencers, opinion leaders, leading figures and multipliers Build brand brands in the long term.

Viral events. Tell your Athens users in social media a story and inspire fans for many years. Perfect results: power of social media marketing! Perfectly targeted profit games. In terms of online marketing, our agency has expertise for your campaigns. Targeted addressing of user groups. Youtube, Facebook or Instagram: We look after your fan pages with always new modern ideas for more organic growth. Be creative, tell your Athens users a story and convince you, just as a successful company, new brand fans for your brand and for many years. Social media marketing depends on the interaction. A precisely defined target group considerably increases the interaction factor, like Likes. Why? Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and instructors offer you enormous potential for targeted targeting of user groups, efficient community communication as well as viral events.