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Communication is the dissemination of information, photos, videos and news. Today, it reaches the people with smartphones quickly, as never before in the entire story. It is not just since yesterday that the digital transformation is running at full speed. Nobody has ever learned anything. Fast as never reach information the people, no matter whether recommendations from friends, news or even knowledge. Life is more digital and changes our choices. Is the new digital world already being used by your team? Are your employees digitally linked in all business processes? Do you personally profit from online trading? How does your brand react to the opportunities in the marketing mix?

We offer initial advice for marketing, commerce and social media campaigns

In everyday life, we are as digital natives 24 hours a day. We speak from concrete experience from projects, not from theoretical knowledge and know-how from social media books. On the basis of practical case studies, we show the new trends and ideas for social media marketing. In our lectures in St. Petersburg, we will respond as a speaker to your specific questions. The digitization trend can be seen everywhere.

Digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become the first consumers of your brand, brand-name users, and true fans, and eventually brand-sponsors for your company. Our lectures in St. Petersburg inspire managers and employees who want to achieve the highest visibility, but also marketing managers who orient their decisions with digital business models and social media management after the digital transformation. And, of course, for freelancers and publicists who want to improve their digital strategies through social media.

  • How can I connect my company digitally efficiently?
  • How can you easily influencer by
  • Perception: Which reputational strategies could your company achieve in an increasingly interconnected world?
  • What expertise and technology does your team need to achieve the multi-faceted How can you make use of new and social selling opportunities for your company?
  • Are your markets affected by current digitalization?
  • Do you strategically target your business in digital transformation?
  • Social media services
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Optimization and Monitoring

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We work with creative social media managers for all relevant decisions in online marketing.

New social networks like Instagram are just as much for social media marketing managers as the classic networks that are used by millions worldwide. Social media management is about the digital form of advertising for the next generation of managers. With these new methods, your brand can not only promote digital but also stationary sales (POS). We like to pass on our know-how to the new generation so that they can develop new strategies from the knowledge of the lecture. That is why we are also more likely to appear in front of the audience before TV cameras. To show them the function of social networks and the group dynamics of the users step by step. With industry insiders and best practice case studies, understandable and easily brought closer. More about our speakers and social media Experts.

Speaker for your conference in St. Petersburg

As a speaker of a conference or even keynote speaker, the preparation for the lecture as well as the structured information transport is the most important for the knowledge building. Quite often, as a conference speaker, only half an hour remains for the entire lecture, if it is an hour for the booked speaker to pack such a complex subject as social media management and marketing for the audience. Many are looking for a basic understanding in the field, so many of our presentations are aimed at the audience, who has less expertise in the unit. Our speakers will address the manager’s individual knowledge, as our series of lectures are categorized into different difficulty levels. Our Speaker.

Social Media Trainer: With individual workshops and recommendations for success

In order to keep whole departments in companies in the short term on the state of things, book us companies as experienced trainers. You usually start with the absolute basics, ie with the basic settings of Instagram and Youtube. As a coach, it is a matter of always developing methods in effective collaboration with the managers. As a coach and mentor, spends for counseling very long time to reach for you all given goals and then increase your profit to sustainably. More about our speakers and Trainers.

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Presentations for Services, Advertising Campaigns and Commerce

The ideal introduction also for beginners with concrete proposals for action and an expertise of your possibilities after the lectures. Sales, potential customers and reach your reach, all of which enable you to social networks. When, where and how your marketing is talked about in social networks, we find out for you through monitoring. With Facebook, you can achieve a lot through targeted review. Which target-group-relevant content you want to post and when the best time for postings is, we will present you with multifaceted best practice examples. We know immediately which social medium is right for you and your individual circumstances. We are happy to advise you, whether you need tips on social media marketing or commerce. Every brand is set different goals for the reach it wants to achieve with social media marketing. In order to reach the most important social media channels, you have to define the essential numbers of the subscribers. Therefore, the target group must be considered at all times in your company. In the different networks different target groups meet. As a specialist, you are on the safe side with us and you and your company never pass any more. Customer service must also be active on social media to respond to customer queries. The followers are not sung in the social media. Content is the most important! Enthusiasm increases the sales Through high range of span, social media lives. No fake followers from Asia, but tangible fans. Every social network is different. Twitter, Snapchat, Snapchat & Co. have their differences. Brand fans offer your social media channels essential span width and expressive weighting.

What are Influencer and Influencer Marketing? Build up long-term brands now and use creative technologies like Retargetingpixel for your targeted goals to reapply them.

With innovative multimedial marketing concepts between Facebook and Instagram. Get the power of social media marketing for your event! Efficient interaction with the community. Convince with us fans for the future through new advertising ideas well-made concepts. Extremely fast increase in range. Social Media Marketing offers extremely fast real-time increase in your project management, as well as a modern brand appearance. Extremely fast increase in range. Interaction is what matters in social media. A precisely stated target group raises the factor of interaction considerably for your brand. Consumers are changing their behavioral patterns, so media usage is shifting more and more into social networks.