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Our life, whether in the job or everyday, is more digital. How does your company react to the new opportunities in marketing? Does your brand already benefit from the digital world? Are you already digitally linked in all business processes? Do you profit from online trading? Information, whether recommendations, news or knowledge, reach us today as quickly and purposefully as never before. Communication, the global spread of news, emotions, but also of knowledge, reaches fast, as never before, through smartphones and social networks. The new digital transformation is in full operation. Nobody has learned in his profession.
We answer your big questions as speaker and keynote speaker on our lectures in London and Germany. We are Digital Natives. We live in the social web. In the lectures we present the new highlights in marketing and unique best practices from all over the world. Only the conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas and strategies. We offer practical experience and know-how from different projects. Digital transformation and digitalization are always ubiquitous.

We offer lectures for sustainable management, commerce and social media campaigns

We speak for managers who are already aligning their company with digital business models and community-based social media after the digital transformation. And, of course, also for journalists and self-employed people who want to improve their digital room for maneuver through social media. Do you know the typical process of digital brand fans? Non-buyers become your first consumer, brand-name brand, loyal loyalist, and finally brand-sponsor of your company.

  • How do you make your business fit for digitalization?
  • What is the best way to make your digital business a reality?
  • And what technical expertise do your employees need to take advantage of the digital opportunities?
  • How can I network my business digitally efficiently?
  • Do you use social selling for social marketing? / Li>

In particular, we focus on these topics: Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Commerce, Social Media Services and Social Media Optimization:

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We work with experts and know-how in the areas of marketing.

As social media experts we consider the traditional social networks as well as the new social networks. Social media marketing is about developing the new form of online advertising in social networks and search engines. Only with new ideas, approaches and concepts can companies increase their sales through social media marketing. As a speaker, we pass on our knowledge to the current generation of managers. We also bring the risks and opportunities of social networks closer to German-speaking broadcasting media. With latest industry insiders and examples, simple and comprehensible. Here you can find out more about our Keynote Speaker and Experts.

Keynote Speaker for your conference

Managers know that the lecture preparation as a speaker at events is crucial for the comprehensible transmission of information. Then as a speaker also often only half an hour, one is fortunate, an hour, to mediate its special topic vividly for the audience. Many listeners are looking for a basic understanding in the field. That is why many presentations are aimed at a professional audience. For different knowledge, our lectures are divided into experience-based difficulty levels. Learn more about our speakers and Speaker.

Coaching for sustainable success thanks to social media training

As a coach, we are commissioned by many different companies and companies who want to keep their own young managers up-to-date. In a trusting relationship, employees and their employees are guided by concepts and guidelines. You spend a great deal of time with your employees in order to achieve optimal results for the customer and to increase sales over the long term. Our Trainers.

Our Social Media Marketing consultants and Lecturers. More about our speakers and authors.

We offer consulting for social media campaigns, optimization and marketing

In order to see which target groups relevant content you or your employees can post and when the most important time is, we show you different best practices from everyday business life. The social media can help you effectively assist potential customers, gain new reach and revenue for your business and sustain that. We know which network for your company and your individual circumstances is the right thing for online marketing. Our agency will advise you at any time, whether you need help with social media management or customer care. The simplest start with practical, concrete strategies and an assessment of your existing possibilities. Where, how and when your company is spoken in social media, we find out for you through monitoring. With Facebook and similar networks you can achieve a lot. Important metrics help to create the most effective profiles of social networks. The independent users are actively represented on different platforms every time. The planning of the content requires various work steps. The followers should be considered permanently. Each Brand is committed to other campaigning objectives in the media strategy for conversion optimization that it can achieve in the long term with social media marketing and management. Since you are not in reality, you often use trivializations and different types of the “you”. Since we as specialists are among the best in the field, you and your company are on the best side. The most relevant is the content! The contact person is exclusively linked to the social networks. Customer satisfaction is essential to win customers in the long term. Enthusiasm multiplies the sales High level is essential for social media that distinguish this. Brand fans offer your social media channels relevant span width and remarkable relevance. Different social platforms have differentiated characteristics. Buying subscribers from Asia is not good.

Now strategically build brand brands and use creative technologies like Retargetingpixel to increase conversion. What are Influencers?

Very targeted approach. The sharper the target group is determined, the higher your user interaction rate of your social media channel. With experts for Facebook and experience for the relevant core areas in social media marketing. Tell your fans in social media a company history and win fans for many years. With options like Graph-Search from Market Leader Facebook, great tools are at your disposal for your social media project manager. Not only to accurately analyze your fans. With innovative, multimedial concepts between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The sharper the target group of social media management is, the more your social media channel increases. Become creative, tell your London fans a company history and convince you just as already successful company fans for your brand and for many years. Use the power of social media marketing now for your event! Precisely defined and targeted profit games. International social media marketing campaigns.