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The whole life, whether in the job or in the normal everyday life, is always digital. Does your brand already benefit from the digital world today? Are you already digitally networked in all core areas, including customer satisfaction management? Do you personally already profit from the digital economy? How does your brand react to the new opportunities in the marketing mix of your brand? Quickly and purposefully as never before we get information, whether knowledge, news or recommendations from friends. Communication, the global spread of news, emotions but also of knowledge, reaches with smartphones quickly, as never before users. Nobody has learned. The digital transformation is in full operation. More and more managers understand the new trend.

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For lectures we speak from concrete experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge from books, and often through lecturers. We live in the social web with all the advantages. We answer your questions as a speaker and keynote speaker. Everywhere the trend of digitization of markets and industries is to be seen, not only in the online trade. On the basis of practical examples, we will show you the new trends and ideas for your social media marketing for companies.

Our lectures in Los Angeles inspire, of course, managers and employees who want to reach the highest reach in social media marketing and also marketing managers, who align their actions with social media and purely digital business models after the digital transformation Own company objectives. Likewise, all the lectures are also available to journalists and freelancers who want to get to know the digital strategies of social media marketing with all their individual challenges. Digital brand fans? Non-buyers will become consumers of your brand, brand-name users and brand-name brands, and ultimately brandplaces for your brand.

  • Does the current digital transformation affect your industry?
  • How could you keep trends like social selling on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for Your Brand?
  • How do you strategically and operationally align your company in digital transformation?
  • How can you digitally network your business?
  • Can you convince Influencer of your concept for long-term collaboration?
  • What expertise and technology do you need to adapt to take advantage of digital opportunities?
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  • Social Media Optimization and Monitoring

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We work with creative social media managers for groups and dynamics and experience for all the key core areas in onlinemarketing.

The new social networks like Whatsapp are no less relevant to marketing managers like the traditional social networks. For social media experts, the concept is to further develop the digital form of advertising and to always find new approaches. Only through innovative ideas and concepts can brands improve their online commerce through social commerce. As speakers, our practical experience in speeches at conferences is a pleasure to pass on to the next generation so that they can develop new strategies from them. With case studies and Paxis insiders, understandable and easy, also for laymen, explained. Social networks offer opportunities and risks for brands with their functions and users, which we also convey in media and radio. Learn more about our social media Experts.

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As a speaker, the preparation of the lecture is crucial for the intelligible transmission of specific information. Very often, as a speaker of a conference, we have only half an hour for the entire lecture with all its facets. If it is good for the booked speaker an hour to convey such a special topic as social media marketing and management vividly for the audience. Most of the lectures go to a foreigner. We can react to the respective experiences of our managers, because our speeches are classified into different levels of experience. Here you can find our speakers and social media Speaker.

With instruction to success thanks to training

As trainers, we are commissioned by various brands and companies, and then they want to bring their young executives up to date with the latest technology. As a coach and coach, spend a long time with your employees to get the best result for you. With full commitment and in partnership, working methods and strategies are developed with the employees. You start mostly at the front, with the basic settings of Youtube and Instagram. More about our speakers and Trainers.

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Reach potential customers and attract employees, all of which bring social media. We find out which medium is the best for your company for online marketing. We advise you at any time, whether you need information about social media marketing or customer support. How and where your brand is spoken in social media, we find out in the Analytics. Using different case studies, we’ll show you the best times in Los Angeles, and of course the content you need to publish. In speeches we give you an initial expertise in your possibilities in social media marketing, with concrete proposals for action, the ideal start for social media marketing managers. There are different target groups in the various platforms. Our planning for your company is at the highest level and includes a mix of different topics. In order to find the right social media channel, key figures should be defined. Campaign targets to be achieved with social media marketing, every company sets. The persons responsible for you must therefore always pay attention to the previously target group in social media marketing and management. With us as a content specialist, you and your company are safe and you and your company will never fail again. The follower becomes a customer In order to bind customers, the consumer satisfaction should be in harmony. Every social network is different. Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat & Co. have their differences. Social media is the result of increased span. To gain in reach, the company requires dedicated a dedicated community on the social networks. Tangible users, rather than copying from Bangladesh.

Influencers are multipliers, leading figures, and educators, such as actors. Build yourself now strategically with social media marketing brands.

Interaction is what matters in the social media, a precisely specified target group decisively highlights the follower interaction rate such as comments on postings. We rely on viral, strong marketing campaigns! Get the attraction of social media marketing! Efficient interaction with the community. Convince with us fans through creative, new ideas good concepts. Now build brand names, use creative tools from Facebook like retargeting to lead generation. Social Media Marketing offers you a crossmedial digital appearance, very targeted approach as well as extremely rapid increase in real-world coverage.