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Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos and news, reaches fast as never before people. The entire life, whether in the job or in everyday life, becomes more digital. Is the new digital world already profitable for you? Are you already digitally linked in all core areas? Do you profit from online trading? How do you react to the possibilities in marketing? Nobody is being taught. The digital transformation has arrived in companies, more and more online marketing managers understand the trend to modern concepts. Fast as never before, information reaches people, whether knowledge, news or recommendations.

Help for Social Commerce, Management, and Channels

On the basis of practical case studies, we present new trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing for brands in lectures. We live in the modern social web. We speak in lectures in Lissabon from our own experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge from books. Everywhere the trend of digitalization is seen, not just online. We answer your questions as a speaker on our lectures.

Through social media marketing, you make current non-buyers to new consumers and sustainable brand users, then bring them to brand loyalty. This is how non-buyers and brand owners become real brands for your company and finally brand names. Our lectures are particularly inspiring for managers and employees who want to reach the highest reach, as well as managers who orient their decisions through social media marketing and digital business models after digital transformation or digitalization. And, of course, all our lectures are also for journalists and freelancers who want to get to know the digital opportunities for social media.

  • How can you make your company fit for your business? Digitalisation?
  • What kind of expertise and technology do your employees need?
  • What positioning and reputation could your company achieve in an increasingly networked world?
  • Use Social Selling For your marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube?
  • How can you network your business digitally efficiently?In particular, we focus on the following topics: Social media marketing, social media optimization, social commerce, social media services and content marketing:Send us a no obligation Booking request.

    In terms of online marketing, we offer Keynote Speaker ONE experts for your campaign.

    For new concepts and strategies in social media marketing, we develop deeper concepts and strategies. As a social media expert, one considers the classic social networks as well as the new social networks. With these new methods, your brand can not only increase digital sales, but also increase sales. Passing on knowledge is one of the essential tasks of media managers. Understandable, simply structured and with case examples as well as new insiders. As a social media speaker, we are also more likely to face TV cameras in order to make them understand the function of social networks and the group dynamics of the users Step by Step. Learn more about our speakers and Experts.

    Speaker for your event

    As a speaker of a major event or even keynote speaker, the preparation of the specialist lecture as well as the targeted and well-bundled transport of information is the most important for the public’s understanding. For a relatively complex topic such as social media, you do not even have an hour as a speaker. Many are looking for a basic understanding. That is why many of our lectures are aimed at a genuinely discreet audience. We have categorized workshops and lectures into different levels of experience. As a speaker, we can personally listen to the audience’s knowledge and experience, thus guaranteeing a good performance with sustainable knowledge. Here you can find our speakers and social media Speaker.

    Trainer: With the help of the long-term success

    We are called as a trainer by numerous companies and companies who wish to bring their own departments up to date with new settings and perspectives. You start often at the very beginning, so with the fundamentals of Youtube and Facebook. As a coach, you stay with your managers for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks, to help you achieve the best results and improve your profit. With full commitment and in close collaboration with the team, strategies, methods and concepts are planned. Here you can find our speakers and Trainers.

    Here you can find more information about our Keynote Speaker and Lecturers. Your Social Media Marketing Authors.

    We provide consulting for optimization, services and optimization

    Our coaches find out which social media is the best for online marketing. We advise you at any time, whether you need help with social commerce or monitoring. Where, how and when to talk about your brand, that we find out for you through monitoring in the Analytics. With Facebook, you can achieve a lot as a company and brand. In our presentations, we will give you an initial expertise in your possibilities in social media marketing. With concrete multimedial methods, from an agency perspective the ideal entry for social media. Based on different best practice examples, we will show you which content your managers have to post and when the right time is. Social networks will help your employees efficiently gain more reach new customers and generate revenue and sustainably. There are different target groups on the different networks. Our planning is very demanding and consists of a mix of new and new topics. Each company focuses on other campaign targets for sales that it wants to achieve with social media marketing and management. The optimized audience has to be considered permanently. In order to find the perfect social media channel for you, it is possible to show the range of reach. As a content specialist, your company is safe with us and you will never again fail. Content is the most important! To tie people is the enthusiasm of the fans. In order to gain an edge, your company needs! Your company is active a dedicated community on social social media. Social media needs reach. There are always various peculiarities in the social media. The acquisition of followers is nothing.

    Now build brand fans in the long term and use creative technologies like Retargetingpixel for your desired project KPIs to reapply them. What are Influencer and Influencer Marketing?

    Always well advised. In cross-media marketing, our agency offers expertise for all social networks. In order to analyze your followers and more, you have great options like Facebook’s GraphSearch. Rapid increase in range. A unique presence in social media. People are changing their habits, so media usage does not only shift to the web in the last few years. Convince us as a social media manager with us for a long time through creative, new advertising ideas good concepts. Strongly planned: power of social media marketing! Targeted speeches of user groups. Social Media Marketing provides efficient communication with the community for your project management, targeted communication and efficient communication with the community.
    Brings nothing.