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Information, whether from friends, news or even interesting knowledge, reaches us faster than ever before. Not only yesterday, the digital transformation in companies throughout Germany has been in full swing, none of us has ever been felled in his profession. Communication It reaches us today with smartphones fast, as never before in history. Life, whether in the job or in everyday life, is more digital. Now new questions arise: How does your company react to the new opportunities in the marketing mix of your company? Is the digital world already profitable for your company? Are your employees already digitally networked in all important business processes, including customer management? Does the online trade bring you first profits?
As a speaker, we give detailed answers to your specific questions. In the lectures we present the new trends in marketing and also best practices. For lectures we speak from concrete experience from projects, not from theoretical knowledge from books. We live in the modern social web with all the benefits. Digital transformation and digitalization are always present throughout the day.

Speaking for management, commerce and social media campaigns

Do you know the process of digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers, brand users and their loyalty to true fans and ultimately to brand sponsors. Our social media lectures in Lima inspire managers who want to reach the highest reach. And, of course, for freelancers and self-employed who want to improve their digital strategies through social media.

    • How can you network your business digitally?
    • What kind of skills do your managers need?


  • How do you strategize your company for digitization?
  • Change the digital transformation of your industry?
  • What methods do you use to gain influencers for your product promotion?


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In the multimedial marketing of products, we have experts for your campaign.

In social media management and marketing, the idea is to develop the new form of digital advertising for the new generation of managers and to constantly find new ideas and strategies. As a social media expert, one considers the traditional social networks as well as the new world-wide. With these methods, your company can not only promote the new digital but also the sale in the trade. Knowing about the next generation is one of the most important tasks in management. As a social media speaker, we often appear in front of the audience and in and in TV formats. In order to show them social networks and the group dynamics within the networks and their effects. Simple, clear, comprehensible and with best practice examples as well as real insiders. Learn more about our Keynote Speaker and Experts.

Social Media Speaker for Your Conference

As a speaker of a large conference or even keynote speaker, the preparation for the lecture as well as the well-structured transport of information is the decisive factor for the knowledge building. For individual knowledge, all our presentations are categorized in different levels of experience. Then as a speaker often only half an hour for the entire lecture, one has luck, an hour, to pack such a special topic as Social Media Management and Marketing vividly. We keep our speeches and lectures at events in front of an expert audience, as well as department managers or sales managers, who want to get to know the social media more fundamentally. Learn more about our social media Speaker.

Social Media Trainer: Direct Achievements for Your Employees

We as social media managers are committed by numerous brands and companies if they want to bring their managers always to the latest technology. As a trainer, you stay with the employees for a few hours to achieve the best result for you and to achieve a sustained improvement in sales. Working in partnership with the employee, concepts, methods and guidelines are devised. Your Social Media Marketing Trainers.

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Help for advertising campaigns, commerce, and customer service

The easiest way to start with practice-oriented, concrete crossmedial methods and an expertise of your possibilities. Whether you need information about social commerce, customer support or monitoring, our agency will advise you at any time. We know right from the outset which medium is right for you and your situation for digital marketing. In order to see which content you should publish and when the right time is, we discuss multifaceted best practices from the professional world. Interaction plays a central role. When and how about your marketing is discussed, we find out together in the monitoring in the Analytics. Employees, new customers and reach, all these bring social networks. Every company has personal law objectives, for the sale that it can achieve with social media management and marketing. Your company must be aware of the target group at all times. Setting key figures is an important part of finding the best social media channel. The different audiences are active in different social networks. Here, various topics should be planned in workflows. On the Internet, the exact address is very important. Content is most important! Customer service should also be represented on social media for feedback on customer queries. Product love increases the sales figures The contact person is never sung on the social media. As a content specialist, your company is on the safe side with us, and you and your company will never fail. Brand fans offer your social media channels high span width and expressive relevance. Put them on real followers instead of buying ones. The characteristics of the various social media platforms are diverse. The ever-growing social media needs reach.

Influencers: Multipliers, Leaders, and Educators Like Models Build yourself and your brand now with creative social media management branded fans and use smart tools like retargeting pixels to pick them up again.

The more defined your own target group, the more effective the interaction of your fans. Internet, with all its extremely fast processes, has been entering the media mix of marketers for so many years. The more precisely the target group of social media management is determined, the higher the user interaction rate of your channel. Your crossmedial appearance in social media. Social Media Marketing enables your company to achieve perfectly targeted profit games as well as efficient interaction with the community. Become creative, tell your fans a company history and inspire followers for many years. Strong Events: Attracting Social Media Marketing! A unique digital appearance. Immediately build branding strategically. Precisely defined and targeted marketing messages. With smart crossmedial advertising strategies between Youtube and Facebook.