Sales and advertising: What does success cost? – Starting your own business #7

Sales and advertising – finding partners in sales makes everything easier. Because one of the core problems at the beginning of a company foundation is always the network to sell products. For this reason, even people who already have knowledge of the industry have a strategic advantage, e.g. a sales representative who has been in […]

Markeintg and sales: Keynote speaker for your success

In addition to purchasing, the sale is one of the key items in companies. Keynote speakers for sale were at the forefront in the trade. Often even at a young age. A good seller knows the shop

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Osaka

No one has ever really learned about his job. Digital transformation has come to the top of the list of companies, more and more marketing managers understand the trend towards renewal. Our life is becoming increasingly digital. Honestly, do you personally already profit from the digital economy?

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker London

Our life, whether in the job or everyday, is more digital. How does your company react to the new opportunities in marketing? Does your brand already benefit from the digital world? Are you already digitally linked in all business processes? Do you profit from online trading? Information, whether recommendations, news or knowledge,

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Johannesburg

Communication, the global spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions, reaches fast as never before users. Nobody is being taught. The digital transformation has arrived in companies, more and more managers understand the trend to modern concepts in the company. Fast as never before, information reaches the people,