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Our entire life is digital. Will the new digital world be used by you already profitably? Are you digitally linked? Does digital commerce already give you sustainable profits? How does your company react to the opportunities and opportunities in the marketing mix? No one of us is being trained in the profession and the digital transformation has arrived in the list of priorities of companies, more and more online marketing managers understand the trend. Communication, the spread of knowledge, news as well as emotions, reaches fast, as never before, through smartphone and social networks. Fast as never before, we get on the Internet and in Social NetworksInformationen, whether news, recommendations or even shopping tips.
In our lectures we present the new highlights in marketing and unique best practices from all over the world. As a speaker, we give detailed answers to your specific questions. Digital transformation is always present in our daily lives. We speak in our lectures in Hannover from concrete experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge from books. We do not just work in social networks, we live in the modern social web.

We offer initial advice for social media campaigns, optimization and marketing

For managers who target your project through digital business models and social media marketing after the digital transformation, we speak for sustainable economic success in the planned marketing concept. And, of course, our lectures are also for journalists and self-employed who want to learn the digital strategies of social media marketing. Digital brand fans? Social media marketing helps non-buyers become consumers of your brand, brand-name users and brand-name brands, and ultimately to brand-name patents for your company.

  • What technical know-how and competences do you need to adapt to take advantage of the multi-faceted digital opportunities for marketing?
  • What are the benefits of your brand in a networked digital world?
  • How can you convince Influencer of your idea for collaboration?
  • How do you make your business fit for digitalization? How do I digitize your business digitally?
  • How do I digitize your business?

In particular, we focus our lectures on the following topics: Content Marketing, Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Optimization:

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In cross-media marketing, we have experts for your campaign.

New social networks like Pinterest are no less relevant to social media experts like the older social networks used by millions. To ensure that social media advertising does not lose its degree of efficiency, we develop complex concepts and strategies. With these new methods, your company can increase the digital but also the sale at the point of sale. To impart knowledge, Speaker encourages. That is why, as a social media consultant, we also appear more frequently in front of the public and in front of TV cameras in order to make social networks and their internal dynamics step by step clearer. With the latest industry insiders of social media managers and best practice examples, simple and comprehensible, also for beginners. Learn more about our speakers and social media Experts.

Social Media Speaker for your upcoming event

As a keynote speaker of an online marketing event, the preparation of the lecture as well as the targeted and bundled information transport is always the decisive factor for the transfer of knowledge. The design of the topics can possibly be associated with greater effort in the planning of the previous day, because for a rather complex and extensive topic, only one three-quarters of an hour remain in the lecture. We often get noticed, many want to improve their understanding of social media, so of course we also take into consideration audiences without any specialist knowledge in all lectures. Our speakers can react to the respective experiences of the participants, because our lectures are categorized in practical experience levels. Learn more about our social media Speaker.

Coaches for your employees thanks to training

Managers always have the latest state, book us federations as a renowned coach. As a social media coach you have hours with the employees in order to achieve the optimal result for the customer and to subsequently increase the sales over the long term. As a coach, it is a matter of constantly developing concepts with trustworthy cooperation with the team throughout Germany and Europe. Our Trainers.

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Initial Consultation for Channels, Commerce and Sustainable Management

To help you see what content you or your manger can post, and when the posting is the most popular time, we discuss different best practices. When monitoring, we find out when, where and how your brand is spoken. In speeches, we give you a first expertise of your possibilities, with concrete recommendations for action, the ideal start for social media. Social networks will assist your employees in helping reach potential customers and employees for your business. We find out which social media is best for your brand the best for online marketing. Our managers will advise you at any time, whether you need information about social media marketing or customer support. There are different target groups in the different social networks. The content is worked out in many workflows. The goals that should be achieved with social media marketing are all companies. Important indicators are used to make the best feeds of social networks. In your company, therefore, the responsible team members must always focus on the target group. Content is the most important! The fans become too customers With us as specialists, your company is safe and you will not suffer any misfortunes. The followers are not sung on the social media. In order to get fans, the consumer satisfaction should be right. Social networks need presence and audience. The acquisition of followers is not good. Fans of the company offer their social media channels essential span width and remarkable importance. The peculiarities of the different social media differ.

Journalists are Influencers, Leaders, and Multipliers Build strategic brands today and use smart technologies such as retargeting pixels for lead generation.

With innovative, strongly interlinked advertising strategies between Youtube and Facebook. Always well advised. In marketing, our social media agency provides expertise for your campaigns. With smart, highly-connected advertising strategies between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The Web: With all its extremely fast processes, its virality, has been entering the media mix of companies for so many years. Your crossmedial appearance in social media. Become creative, tell your users in social media a company history and inspire you, just as an owner-led company fans for many years! Perfect results: power of social media marketing! Rapid increase in range. With features like Graph Search, your project manager has great tools at your fingertips. Not only will you be able to analyze your fans extensively, but you will also be able to create exact marketing concepts.