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Information, whether news, recommendations from friends or even shopping tips, reach people today quickly and purposefully as never before. Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation in companies and industries in full, nobody has learned anything. The whole life, whether in the everyday life or in the job, is more digital. How do you react to marketing opportunities? Does your brand already benefit from the digital world? Is your team already digitally networked? Do you profit from online trading? Communication, the spreading of news, emotions but also of knowledge, reaches fast as never before persons.

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With successful best practices, we will present new trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing in lectures. Only conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical experience and know-how from many media projects. We are digital natives and live every day in the social web. Digital transformation and digitization are always present in our everyday lives. As a speaker and keynote speaker, we will answer your questions about social media.

Digital brand fans? Through social media marketing concepts become non-buyers to consumers, to brand users and to genuine brand fans and finally to brand sponsors. We speak for decision-makers and managers, who are already geared towards digital marketing strategies and social media marketing after the digital transformation. And, of course, for freelancers and publicists who want to understand the digital concepts and strategies of social media with all their individual challenges for social media managers.

  • Is your industry affected by the latest digital transformation?
  • What skills and techniques do you need to adapt to take advantage of the digital opportunities and opportunities?
  • How can I digitize your company?
  • How can I make your business fit for digitalization?
  • What kind of reputation could your project be in Of the new digital world?We focus on the following topics: Social Media Services, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing and Social Media CampaignsSend us your non-committal Booking request.

    We work with experts from the personal network and know-how for all relevant decisions in online marketing.

    For all experts, the concept is to think about the new, digital form of advertising for the new generation and to constantly find new approaches. We as social media experts analyze the traditional social media, such as Youtube, as well as the new social networks around the world. Only through innovative ideas and approaches can companies increase their sales through social media marketing or commerce. We pass on our experience in lectures to the current generation of managers. We also bring the different chances and risks of social networks closer to the media, in all their facets. With examples and new Paxis insiders, simple and understandable explained. You can find our Social Media Experts here.

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    As a speaker of an online marketing conference or even a keynote speaker, preparation for the lecture is always the decisive factor for the transfer of knowledge. Quite often, as a speaker of a conference, we have only half an hour for the entire lecture with all its facets, if it runs well an hour to pack such a profound theme as Online and Social Media Management and Marketing. Many want to improve their understanding of social media, so many of our speeches are aimed at a non-expert audience. For different experiences the speeches are divided into different experiences. Our Speaker.

    With guidance on sustainable success thanks to trainer

    In order to keep whole departments at the technologically advanced level at short notice, book us companies as a social media trainer. As a social media trainer, you spend days, some weeks, in order to fulfill all your goals for the customer and partly to improve your profit in the long term. In partnership, we develop strategies and concepts with managers. Here you can find more information about our Social Media Trainers.

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    We offer lectures for services, advertising campaigns and social commerce

    The ideal start also for beginners with concrete proposals for action and an assessment of your potential possibilities after the lectures. Which target-group-relevant content your managers have to post and when the posting is the strongest time, we show in different case studies. When monitoring, we find out when, where and how your brand is spoken, interaction plays a central role in monitoring. We find out which network is right for you. Our managers advise you at any time, whether you need information about monitoring or social media marketing. Social media will help your employees reach their customers and employees for your company. The different audiences are actively represented in various social media channels. Creating the content requires a mix of topics. In order to find the right social media channel for you, the number of followers should be presented. Therefore, the target team must always be considered by the responsible team members. The goals discussed above that you could achieve in your company with established social networks, each company is planning to optimize internal sales. In the social networks, the form of salutation must fit. The community become customers. Customer satisfaction is everything to win customers in the long term. The content is everything! With us as a content specialist, you are secure and you and your company will never fail again. Diverse social networks need attention and audience. Dear tangible user, instead of the company which get on the Internet. Fans of your company give your social media channels relevant reach and expressive meaning. There are various characteristics in the social media.

    Influencers are multipliers and leaders Build yourself and your brand today with social media management brand fans in the long term and use smart tools from Facebook like retargeting pixels for lead generation.

    A crossmedial appearance in social media. The more defined your own target group, the higher the interaction of your users. Take advantage of the attraction of social media marketing! Targeted approach. Become creative, tell your Munich users in social media your company history and win you, just as an owner-led company fans for many years! With features like Graph Search, great tools are available. Not just to enable you to extensively analyze followers. This is how you produce exact advertising concepts. Marketing on the Web: With all its possibilities of digital marketing is an integral part of the strategy mix of marketing departments. Multinational social media campaigns. Youtube, Facebook and Instagram: We support your social media channel sustainably with new crossmedial concepts for more organic growth.