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Quick and targeted as never before, we get information on social networks, whether news, recommendations or even shopping tips. No one is unlearned in their profession and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more online marketing managers are responding to the trend. The entire life is always digital. Are you personally benefiting from online commerce? Is the digital world already being used profitably by your team? How is your brand responding to the opportunities in your company’s modern marketing mix? Communication, the dissemination of knowledge, news but also emotions, reaches users quickly with smartphones like never before.
With successful best practices we show the new trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing. We answer your questions as keynote speakers at lectures in Düsseldorf. We are digital natives. We live in the social web every day. Only the conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and experience from many media projects. Digitization and digital transformation are always omnipresent.

Initial consultation for marketing, commerce, channels, optimization, campaigns, services

Our social media lectures in Düsseldorf inspire of course especially managers who want to achieve the highest reach in social media. Of course, the lectures are also for freelancers and self-employed who want to understand the digital scope of action of social media. How are digital brand fans created? Through social media marketing concepts, non-buyers become first consumers, brand users and, through their loyalty, true fans and ultimately brand sponsors for your brand.

Our agency gives you answers to the most important questions in our presentations:

  • Perception: What reputation strategies can your project achieve in the digital world?
  • Is your industry sustainably influenced by the current digital transformation?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • What technical know-how and competencies does your company need to take advantage of the multifaceted digital opportunities?
  • How can you convince influencers of your company for long-term collaboration?
  • How can you digitally network your company?

We focus the presentations on these core areas: content marketing, social media campaigns, social media optimization and monitoring, social commerce, social media services and social media marketing:

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With reliable social media managers from our personal network of specialists for all relevant online marketing decisions.

As social media experts, we analyze the traditional social networks, such as Facebook, as well as the new ones worldwide. To ensure that social media advertising does not lose its level of effectiveness, we carry on strategies for our clients. With these special methods, your company can promote not only digital, but also stationary sales at the point of sale. We share our knowledge with the next generation of managers through presentations. With best practice examples and little known paxis insiders, explained in a simple and understandable way. As social media experts, we also frequently appear in front of audiences and on TV to help them understand social networks and user group dynamics and their effects. Your experts.

Speaker for conferences

The targeted preparation of the presentation is crucial for speakers at speeches in Düsseldorf to convey information in a comprehensible way. For an extensive topic, one has less than an hour for all core areas in the speech. Many listeners want to improve their understanding of social media. That is why we consider audiences without prior knowledge in all speeches. We can individually cater to the audience’s level of knowledge because the speeches are divided into different experience levels. Your Social Media Speakers.

Social Media Trainer: Success for your employees

We are called by various companies and businesses that want to keep their own departments always up to date with the latest technology. As a trainer, it’s about always planning strategies in effective collaboration with the relevant staff, across Germany and Europe. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, in fact, often as a speaker you start from the very beginning. As a trainer, you stay hours in each department, with the staff, to achieve the optimal result for the client. Find out more about our speakers and social media trainers here.

Here you will find about our speakers and social media lecturers. Your authors.

Help for services, social media campaigns and social commerce

To see what content your managers can post and when is the optimal time to post, we discuss various best practices. During our presentations, we give you an initial expertise of your potential opportunities, with practical, concrete strategies, the best start for social media marketing managers. Whether you need advice on monitoring or social media marketing, our agency can advise you at any time. We know which network is right for you and your circumstances. Gaining potential customers, new outreach, and employee recruitment, social media brings it all. When monitoring on social networks, we find out how, when and where people are talking about your business on social networks. With Facebook and other networks, you can achieve a lot with your company and brand through clever strategies. Every brand focuses on different campaign goals even before it starts, which it can create in the long run with social media management and marketing. The people in charge at your company must always pay attention to the target audience defined beforehand. The different audience is each actively represented on different social media. Here, new topics and content of different content should always be occupied and used in many steps. Essential key figures serve to make the strongest profiles of the social media. On the Internet, the salutation must fit. The contact person is only duzt in the social networks. The subscribers should get an answer to The question asap. The most important thing is the content! With us as content specialists, you and your social media channel are on the safe side and no more mishaps will happen to you and your company. The follower becomes the consumer Social networks need span. Brand followers give your social media channels essential reach and remarkable relevance. Buying subscribers from Asia is not good. Every social network works diversely. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Co. each have their differences.

Build brand fans today in a planned way. Athletes are influencers, multipliers and opinion leaders

With trusted experts in groups and dynamics and experience for all relevant online marketing decisions. multinational marketing campaigns. Why. Social media platforms offer your social media campaign enormous expansion potential for your modern digital presence, multinational social media campaigns but also precisely defined and targeted actions. OurSocial Media Management rely on high-reach brands in our social media management. very targeted targeting of user groups. Tell your Düsseldorf users your personal company story and convince, especially as a start up new brand fans for many years. Strongly planned: Power of social media marketing! highly targeted approach. Build brand fans strategically now and use new tools from Facebook like retargeting to pick them up again. Use smart cross-media strategies between Youtube and Facebook.