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The new digital transformation is in full swing. No one has stopped learning. We get information faster than ever before, whether it’s news, recommendations from friends and bloggers, or even shopping tips. Our entire lives are becoming increasingly digital. Are you benefiting from online commerce? Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your company? How is your company responding to the opportunities and possibilities in the marketing mix? Communication It reaches us nowadays quickly, as never before users.
We are digital natives. We live on the social web every day. Only conclusions from different campaigns bring new ideas and strategies for companies. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from numerous projects. In the lecture we present best practices from all over the world and the new highlights in marketing. Digital transformation is constantly omnipresent. As a speaker, we answer your big questions.

Consulting for management, social commerce and social media campaigns

With social media marketing you can turn your non-buyers into new consumers, brand users and make them loyal to your brand. This way, non-buyers become true brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors. We speak for managers who align their project with the digital transformation or the digitalization of all markets through digital strategies and social media. Likewise, for publicists and freelancers who want to take their digital scope of action to the next level through the opportunities of social media.

Our agency will give you answers to questions:

  • How can you convince influencers of your concept?
  • What positioning options could your company achieve in the digital world with marketing?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • How can I network my company digitally efficiently?
  • Are you using social selling to actively promote and market yourself on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook?
  • What expertise and technology do you need to adapt?
  • Does the current digitalization influence your industry?

We focus on these topics in our presentations:

  • Why social media?
  • Content marketing
  • Social media services
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social commerce
  • Social media optimization and monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing Case Studies

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We work with experts from our personal network for all core areas in marketing.

For all experts, it is about further developing the form of digital advertising in social networks and search engines and permanently finding new cross-media strategies! he use of media is changing and the new generation of social networks such as Pinterest are just as much for social media experts as the older social networks. Only with these innovative ideas, approaches and concepts can companies increase sales through social media commerce. As speakers, we are happy to pass on our knowledge to the new generation. With case studies and paxis insiders, explained in an understandable and simple way, even for industry newcomers. Social networks with their functions and users offer both risks and opportunities, we also convey these in media and broadcasting. Here you can find more information about our social media experts.

The speakers for interesting presentations

As a speaker at a conference, the most important thing for the transfer of knowledge is the preparation of the presentation and the targeted and well-structured transport of information. As a speaker, you often only have half an hour. If you are lucky, one hour to convey your special topic clearly and concisely for the audience. Many of our speeches go to a non-specialist audience, e.g. owners or buyers who want to apply social media more fundamentally to their project in the profession. For the individual experience, all of our speeches are categorized into experience-based experience levels. Learn more about our keynote speakers and speakers.

Through personal tips and recommendations for action for sustainable success thanks to training

To have employees on the latest level brands book as competent social media trainers. One spends sometimes really a lot of time with your managers, so as to fulfill the best result for you and to subsequently optimize the profit in the long term. In effective cooperation, strategies and concepts are developed with managers. Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, on many days you start from scratch as a speaker. Learn more about our social media trainers here.

Your social media marketing consultants and writers. Your social media lecturers.

We offer consulting for channels, commerce and management

With social media monitoring, we find out together how and where people talk about your marketing in social networks, interaction plays a major role. The ideal start, even for beginners, with practical, concrete cross-media strategies and an assessment and expertise of your potential opportunities. Social networks will help you gain sales, new customers and reach. We know which social medium will be best for your company and your individual circumstances. Our agency can advise you at any time, whether you need information on monitoring or social media management. To see what content you should post or even when is the right time to do so, we discuss at multi-faceted best practices. The people in charge at your company must always be considered on the previously targeted audience. To find the social media channels that are most important to you, it is important to find the key metrics. The discussed campaign goals that you want to achieve through social networks defines each brand to increase the profit. The diverse users are each active on diverse social networks differently. The employees plan the content of the social media channel which takes a lot of time. Addressing on the social media is very important. Therefore, our social media experts are well experienced in this field of suitability, you and your company are in best hands. On social media, people only use first names. Therefore, customer and fan questions must also get regular feedback on social media. The content is essential! The fan becomes a consumer The various social platforms have several different functions. Acquiring subscribers from Asia is bad. Active followers scatter your products immensely. Social networks need attention and audience.

Build brand fans for yourself and your brand now with social media management and use new tools from Facebook like retargeting to re-promote for your intended goals. Influencers: Leading figures, opinion leaders and multipliers like models

national campaigns. Get creative, tell your fans your company story on social media and win over fans for years to come, especially as an owner-operated company! Powerfully planned: Power of social media marketing! A modern brand presence. With smart multimedia ideas between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We work with creative professionals for Instagram for all areas of marketing. The more specific your target audience the more frequent the user interaction of your social media channel. Virality or word of mouth is the deciding factor, when it comes to presentable companies for established brands. The more precisely the own target group is determined by social media managers, the more frequent is the interaction of your channel. With smart strongly linked marketing concepts between Facebook, Youtube and other social networks Instagram.