Online Marketing Speaker Duisburg: Blogger and Influencer, Targeting on Blogs, Live Tracking, A-B Comparisons and Commercials

We are your online marketing speakers! Our consultants and managers stand by your company in B2B as well as in B2C business as a reliable partner for new ideas. With insights in building your marketing plan and of course in acquiring new audiences. Digital marketing with content ideas, social media marketing, blogger, SEO and targeting for high reach companies and sales figures. The familiar behavior of visitors has been profoundly changed by mobile web and digital media. Especially social media marketing like blogger and influencer marketing has a steadily increasing influence on all important decisions in companies.

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The online marketing speaker is all about developing the new, form of digital advertising for the future generation. Only through such innovative ideas and approaches can brands increase their digital sales. The new generation of approaches are just as for online marketing managers as classic ideas, which are used today. With examples and insiders, simply and understandably described.

Speaker for newsletters, targeting, magazine PR, advertising campaigns, content strategies, A-B comparison for ads and social media.

In lectures we speak from concrete experience from projects, not from theoretical applied knowledge from online marketing books, as by lecturers. In the lectures, we discuss best practices from around the world and the new trends in online marketing. The trend towards digitalization in companies can be seen everywhere. Good speeches by talented experts are part of every good event. As speakers, we provide answers to your individual questions on the topic of online marketing. Find and book speakers for your congress easily and without complications. Turn current non-buyers into new consumers and, with luck, into sustainable brand users, then bring them to final brand loyalty. Because that’s how they become true brand fans and ultimately brand sponsors who will be happy to recommend you to friends. We speak for CEOs and managers who are already aligning their brand with the digital transformation through digital strategies and online marketing.

Also new advertising forms marketing have a high influence in decisions in advertising agencies. We do media with SEO or SEA and also SEM, tracking, PR, blogger, targeting and newsletter marketing for the insight and numbers.

Online Marketing Basics

Maximize profits by ranking well in the major search engines. Nothing leads past the various strategies and methods of marketing for companies, recognize the opportunities? Monitoring measures and previously defined key figures, our managers analyze the achieved economic success. With methods such as search engine optimization, your e-commerce has long-lasting success through the increased reach. Many disciplines formed in online marketing, w! Therefore, we throw together an eye on all the basic sub-areas that many know. Increase sales no longer just on Amazon, increase performance directly in your own online store. In a media planning makes the smooth exchange of information concepts sophisticated, as well as the subsequent strategy.

Consulting for companies: Recommendations for action for managers

As online marketing speakers, we help you develop your strategy. As managers and consultants, we are often on site for longer periods of time and train employees in new strategies.

Search engine optimization for strong e-commerce performance and traffic

The more important is the pre-targeted, digital advertising strategy and the decision for the right channels. Online trade and marketing is absolutely diverse. Popular in online marketing are especially search engines and all their functions and for customers, as well as Adwords and Display Ads. Access our targeted advice and expertise with skills in marketing, strategy and design. The process starts with social marketing and goes through marketing automation to digital business and Big Data consulting. In online marketing agencies, search engine optimization such as Google or Bing is one of the first steps in the normal work of the agency, as successes are very sustainable, allowing companies to generate profit online for months and years. Your partner for digital positioning and communication.

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Our speeches are aimed at people from outside the field, such as salespeople or managers, who want to apply online marketing more fundamentally in their profession. For all keynote speakers, the most important thing is the specific preparation of the speech, tailored to the audience present, in order to convey all the content in a generally understandable and simply structured way. We are called upon by many companies and brands when they want to bring their own senior executives up to date with the latest technology. In close cooperation, concepts, methods and guidelines are planned. As a trainer an spends a lot of time with the managers to achieve all goals for the client.