Online Marketing Speaker Dortmund: Blogger, Live Tracking, A-B Tests and Ads

Online Marketing Speaker for Dortmund: As consultants, our managers in Dortmund have their finger on the pulse of time, so we realize target group-specific goals for agencies and brands. Our agency helps interesting companies for strong campaigns and channels. The digital media affect the lives of every target group in all respects. Strategy with retargeting and targeting in communities, magazine PR, digital advertising campaigns, A/B testing and social media for accurate insight. In particular, innovations such as blogger and influencer marketing for reach and links have a sustained increasing impact on advertising agencies.

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Because only with new approaches, ideas and concepts companies can improve online commerce through strategy. For new methods in online marketing management, we continue to develop concepts and strategies for our listeners. he society is changing and the next generation of strategies are as much for online marketing experts as the classic approaches. Understandable, simple and with examples and real insiders.

Speaker for blogger relations, search engine optimization, tracking, A/B testing and commercials.

As speakers, we give detailed answers to your questions on the topic of online marketing at our presentations. From experience, good presentations by experienced managers are part of every good event. The digital transformation and digitalization are always omnipresent. With us you can easily book speakers and lecturers. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and agency experience from numerous projects. With successful best practices we show the new trends and ideas for your own online marketing for companies. Digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers, brand users and, through loyalty, true fans and ultimately brand sponsors. Our lectures in Dortmund inspire, of course, especially managers and employees who want to achieve the highest visibility in or with online marketing for your project and alsoManager, who align your actions through digital business units and online marketing management after the digital transformation.

Also innovations like influencer marketing for reach and link building have a big factor in strategic decisions in businesses. Strategy with newsletter, blog, search engine optimization, creative blogs with added value for the readers, A/B testing, content ideas and live tracking for efficient shops.

Online marketing basics and more

Go for the digital sale now! With SEO / search engine optimization you have sustainable successes to record through higher organic clicks on your shop or even your own blog that serves as a satellite site. Nothing leads past digital marketing concepts and methods. With key figures and monitoring measures, your agency analyses the economic success of online campaigns. Let’s therefore take a look together at the most important areas that we apply and validate in everyday life. In media planning, the exchange of information makes concepts sophisticated, as do subsequent agency strategies. Increase sales no longer only through social networks Amazon, but also directly in your online store.

Determine ROI and KPI with monitoring of different sales channels

In the analysis, your employees also know which of the contents perform in relative comparison to the other postings, and it is also easy to increase usability through constant analysis. Monitoring is controlled through the use of software such as Facebook Business Manager or Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools. Your online marketing managers know the very own preferences of your visitors well through all the insightful usage data.

Consultants and renowned experts for online marketing campaigns in Dortmund and North Rhine-Westphalia

Our consultants are also on site for longer periods of time and train managers and employees. Our marketing speakers help you find tailored methods and strategies for your previously defined digital campaigns in Dortmund and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The more decisive is the targeted, digital advertising strategy and the choice of the right channels. The digital trade is infinitely large and sometimes not very clear. Popular in online marketing agencies are especially search engines and their possibilities and functions, which are among others Google’s Adwords but also display ads or graphic advertising with banners. For banner advertising, online marketing agencies currently prefer to use Google Adwords. Your reliable partner for digital positioning and targeted communication. The change starts with marketing conception and continues with search engine optimization in your own blog up to Big Data and its analysis. Fall back on the experience and first-class consulting with core competencies in strategic marketing, strategy and design. In our management, search engine optimization is a fundamental part of the agency, because the success through traffic from search engines is very long-lasting.

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As an online marketing coach, you are a few days, sometimes weeks, with the managers, so as to meet all the goals for you. As a speaker at an online marketing event, the preparation of the technical talk is the most important thing. As trainers, we are called by different brands and companies who want to bring their own employees up to speed. With full commitment and in a trustful cooperation we come up with tailor-made methods, concepts and strategies together with employees. Many are looking for a basic understanding in the field, which is why many of our speeches are also aimed at audiences that bring little knowledge to the lecture.

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