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We are your Online Marketing Speaker Agency! We also support your company in B2B as a renowned partner in the B2C business. With recommendations for the acquisition of new customers and the development of your digital marketing plan. We help companies in Cologne who want to optimize their marketing for innovative advertising campaigns. The usual behavior of the users was changed from the ground up by digital media and the mobile Internet in the long term. We design media with social media measures, e-commerce newsletter, mouse tracking and A / B test for efficient media and figures. Especially social media marketing such as Influencer Marketing for reach and links has a permanently increasing influence on all decisions in advertising agencies.

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Only with new approaches and concepts can companies increase the online trade through strategy. For new concepts and strategies in online marketing management we develop deeper concepts and strategies. As an online marketing expert, one looks at the classic areas, as well as for example search engine optimization or SEA, magazine PR, influencer, targeting and newsletter marketing all over the world. Simple, understandable and with case studies as well as new insiders.

Newsletter Marketing, Blogsystem, Search Engine Optimization, Informative Blog, Content and Tracking Speaker

Only the conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas and strategies for companies. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from numerous projects. Good lectures always belong to a good event in any case. As a speaker and keynote speaker, we answer your most important questions. Digital transformation is present throughout everyday life. Speakers and lecture speakers easy to book and find. In the lectures we will discuss best practices and the new highlights in online marketing. Our lectures in Cologne naturally inspire managers who want to achieve the highest visibility in and with online marketing experts for their project.

Innovations like Blogger and Influencer Marketing for reach and link building have a permanently greater place in decisions in advertising agencies. We construct media with SEO and / or SEA / SEM, online advertising campaigns, newsletters, Influencer Relations and PR ideas for efficient media and figures.

Online Marketing Basics

With search engine optimization, your store has long-lasting success through greater reach on the Internet. Monitoring, our online marketing agency analyzes the success of the campaigns. Nothing leads to strategies and concepts of marketing. Digital advertising and organic reach will increase sales. The smooth exchange of information makes concepts more sophisticated, as does the strategy. So we do not only optimize the purchase process on Amazon, but also directly in our own platform. Let’s keep an eye on the basic areas involved in the promotion of services and products.

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The search engines and the market leader in the special Google and their functions and for customer projects as well as Adwords and Display ads for banner advertising are of course primarily in agencies. All the more important is a targeted advertising strategy and always the choice for the right channels. The digital marketplace is, large, large and sometimes unclear. The process begins with content marketing and goes through marketing conception to consulting for digital advertising and big data analysis. Your marketing speaker with many years of expertise in design, strategy and online marketing. In agencies, the search engine optimization attracts a great deal of attention, since the success is very long-term and therefore companies can profit online the next months and years. Your reliable partner for digital positioning and targeted communication.

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Our marketing managers and speakers help your employees create tailor-made ways to create strategies for your previously defined target group. Our consultants have been in companies for some time to train their department managers to optimize processes in the company, and also to find good agencies together.

Finding and booking a prestigious online marketing speaker

As a trainer, spend a long time in the individual department with the managers to give the customer the optimal result And partly to improve your profit. In order to keep entire teams operational on the technological state of things, book companies as a reputated coach. We keep our speeches and lectures on online marketing events in front of non-professional spectators, eg. Salespeople or owners who want to get to know online marketing more fundamentally. The lecture preparation as a speaker is the most important to convey all contents in a structured and comprehensible manner. The job of a company coach is always to create trustworthy, collaborative work with your leaders.