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Your Online Marketing Speaker! Our managers are at your disposal in the B2C and B2B business, also for market launches. With recommendations for setting up your marketing strategy and activating new target groups. Online marketing with newsletter, blog, search engine optimization and / or SEA, blog, A-B comparisons, content and user tracking for impressive results. Even social media marketing like Influencer Marketing, organic link building has a constantly higher influence on decisions in marketing agencies. Behavior of users is fundamentally changed in the long term by the mobile web and digital media, forcing traditional companies to rethink their ideas.

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For experts, the concept is to further develop the digital form of advertising for the next generation. With these special methods, your brand can boost digital as well as stationary sales (POS). The company is changing and the new approaches are just as much for online marketing managers as the classic ideas. Simple, clear, comprehensible and with best practice examples and new insiders.

Newsletter Marketing, Blog, Search Engine Optimization, Interesting Blogs with Added Value, Effective Content and Tracking Speaker

Thanks to our management, you can now easily book Keynote Speaker and lecture speakers. A good event also includes good presentations from well-known experts. Conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas and strategies. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agent experience and know-how from many media projects. As a speaker and keynote speaker, we answer all your questions. With successful best practices, we will present new trends and ideas for online marketing for companies in lectures. Everywhere the trend of the digital transformation of industries and markets is to be seen, not only in the online trade. With online marketing, you make current non-buyers to consumers, to brand users and bring them to brand loyalty. So they become real brand fans for your company and ultimately brand spades. For decision makers and managers, who are already aligning their business with digital business areas and online marketing after the digital transformation, we speak for more success in the planned marketing concept.

Especially social media marketing like Blogger and Influencer Marketing for reach, product placements and links has a high place in advertising concepts. We make media with SEO, SEA and also SEM, magazine PR, blogger, social media management, targeting and newsletters for efficient media.

Online Marketing Basics and More

More sales through search engine placement. Nothing prevents digital marketing concepts and strategies for companies working with media. We review the final economic succession. With SEO / search engine optimization you have long-lasting success through higher organic clicks on your online shop. Maximize sales not only on Amazon, increase performance directly in your own platform. We take a look at all the main areas. The exchange of information makes strategies more compressed and more effective in the achievement of Kamapagan objectives.

Consultants with know-how for digital marketing campaigns

Our speakers help you develop your strategy. As a consultant and manager, we also have a long-term relationship with companies and educate employees and executives.

Search engine optimization for better performance of your shop

Search engines and their possibilities are particularly popular in online marketing agencies And features, Google Adwords help and for the portals display ads or banner ads. The more decisive is a pre-targeted digital advertising strategy and always the selection for the right channels. Online trading and marketing is very demanding, depending on the target group. Your advisor for digital branding and positioning. This begins on SEO measures on the website and goes beyond the digital transformation in companies to marketing conception. Use our online marketing to access our efficient consulting and expertise with competences in strategic conception, marketing and planning.

The ROI and the KPI with monitoring of different sales channels

The personal wishes of your users are very well known to you Through all the numerous usage data that networks and platforms gather from their visitors. Monitoring is controlled by software like Google Analytics or the Business Manager of Facebook for Social Media Marketing. The extensive analysis and evaluation of the data shows you very quickly, which content in comparison with the other postings in the own target work function, furthermore it is simply by permanent analysis also the usability to improve.

Finding and booking expert online marketing speakers

As an expert and speaker of an event or even a keynote speaker, preparation for the lecture is the most important. In partnership, strategies, methods and concepts are developed. Many listeners want to improve their understanding of online marketing. This is why, of course, we also take into consideration the public in our lectures. You spend a lot of time with the managers in order to achieve the optimal result for you and then optimize the profit. In order to keep whole teams strategically up-to-date, book associations as coaches.