Be relaxed: with energy for lecture – basics for speakers

As speakers and lectures on speeches, one is always faced with a completely new audience, that with partly great expectation concerning the quality and performance of the speech. The audience is often extremely heterogeneous and not specifically identified by a type of person or a professional group. In the same way, there are not always only managers, often department heads are also involved, or persons from related areas, who are only supposed to develop further on the lecture. Then when the sales manager meets online marketing, the level of the content must match as well as the area manager.

In order to reach all the people in the audience, it is important to speak directly before the audience as a speaker. This will take away the greatest tensions and also the worries and fears in the audience disappear when a friendly and easy person stands in front of you.

  1. Secure appearance (leadership personality)
  2. Friendly smile (first impression)
  3. Agile Behavior (Movement)

Examples for Keynote Speaker from the USA

Anyone who knows the speeches of young entrepreneurs and startup bosses from the United States knows how easy Americans can be in their speeches. Especially when it comes to presenting your own company or your own philosophy. Speeches by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs (October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, California) do not appear. No concepter sat at the speech. They are free and thus stimulate the entire audience to enthusiasm. This enthusiasm can only create the lectures in the USA because they have an extremely relaxed relationship with their audience.

The less formal the speaker itself is, the louder the audience becomes. We can perhaps compare it to the German “you”. In the US, the title is “You”. This takes the level to the audience. If you are talking to a younger audience, use “Du” directly. At least mentally to create a level.

Elon Musk: Founder of Tesla, Solar World, PayPal, SpaceX

Mister Elon Musk 2015.

Mark Zuckerberg: He invented THE social network Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers Harvard commencement.

Steve Jobs: Visionary and Apple founder

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005.

With what little tricks and means can you prepare yourself as a speaker at the next lecture, so that one is relaxed and the audience enthusiastically listens to their own lecture?

Your own adrenaline: motivation for your own body

Who can help us if we can not help ourselves? Your own adrenaline in the body means that the pulse is rising and also that you become happier. Once poured into the blood, adrenaline mediates a heart rate increase and thus a blood pressure rise. Adrenaline also provides rapid energy delivery through the release and biosynthesis of glucose. Better than any energy drink. This effect is easy to get rid of, even with little tricks!

The rotation in the elevator: the fast speaker motivator

One of our favorite situations! When you perform as a speaker, you are a guest at the exclusive venues. As a rule you go up to the lecture with the elevator. The perfect situation, since you are often alone in the elevator, also for timid speakers. The trick comes from one of our mental coaches. It is quite easy, as soon as they turn in the elevator and the elevator door goes, turn yourself once or twice quickly in the circle. Place yourself on one leg! Immediately shoots a bit of adrenaline in the head. The light smile begins, and as soon as the elevator door opens, you are shining as a speaker. The first impression always counts. If you take this energy directly into the room, you have a very loose appearance right at the beginning and a smile on the lips.

The same principle works naturally also before a door or also times spontaneously in the lecture. Indeed! Suppose you go up with the argument that you had a very long flight and feel a bit tense, why not make a spin? If the action is integrated spontaneously into the lecture, it is a good way to increase your energy level. The audience will see that they are agile and move. This is an advantage, not only when it comes to sports or fitness lectures. Likewise, in all business lectures or in the field of personnel, it is always rewarded when the speakers are active. The audience wants to be enthusiastic! That is why you can do the trick of course also in front of a door, directly in front of the audience or as mentioned in the elevator.

Jumping before the event: energy in the long run

Can we get some energy before? Another relatively simple and fast method to increase your own adrenaline level is to jump before a lecture. This trick comes from our personality and flirt coach.

Imagine the situation, our destination is about 50m away, we are running as a speaker, have our papers and perhaps our notebook. Simply take the bag in your hand, walk slowly into the tread and jump the last 20m to the building! From right leg to left leg, right leg and back. By the fast movement and the spontaneous jumps, you take an enormous amount of energy to the lecture, you are distracted by your own action and are not with the thoughts again in a stress situation.

Free thoughts, especially in the few minutes before the lecture, help the whole situation something to invalidate. Especially for speakers and lectures, which for the first time hold speeches, it is often the nervousness or the famous stage fright that prevents speakers from their best performance.

If you are close to the lecture, you should let your mind wander and perhaps think about the next date or the dinner with your own girlfriend or wife in the evening. This brings you back quickly to the carpet and away from the quick appearance, the lights directed at a self and the applause.

Adrenaline and energy make lectures and presentations interesting

With some adrenaline in the body and the resulting energy, you can easily go into lectures and keep your speech relaxed. Once the famous “ice” is broken, the worst is already over! From now on, you can concentrate fully on your own lecture.

  1. The last 20 meters jump to the building
  2. Rotation in the elevator
  3. Thoughts, 10 to 2 minutes before

During the lecture, one should always keep his hands open against the audience, closed hands are not helpful in a lecture. The audience must be involved, which can be done with simple gestures, as well as open arms, as well as a look which always focused on individual persons.

Focus on interested guests and everyone else

It is always important to keep the eye contact with the audience while using the arms. During the lecture one should concentrate on the interested persons and bring them with their own glances in the lecture. Whenever there are interesting places or even questions, one can involve less interested persons and bring back. The audience sees whether you are burning for your lecture, so you should keep your eyes wide and open, you should be interested in the subject matter of the talk.

Relax! 3, 4 Basics for speaker

These three, four simple basic tips can also convince speakers who have less experience with speeches and lectures. On the way to the speech, jump the last 20 to 30m in the progress. In the elevator, make one or two fast turns on the left or right leg, and as soon as you stand in front of the audience, smile! Burn your eyes with the eyes open, keep the arms open to the audience, move left and right, and always look for people interested and try to get involved with spontaneous ideas, controversies, or even questions. These tricks work in pretty much every area of ​​speech, whether it’s business, personnel, personality, or sales. We wish you lots of success and exciting lectures!