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The whole life is more digital. How do you react to the numerous new opportunities and opportunities in the marketing mix of your company in your important decisions? Does your company already benefit from the digital world? Is your company digitally networked? Honestly, do you profit from online trading? Information, whether news, recommendations from friends or shopping tips, reach us today quickly and purposefully as never before. It is not just since yesterday that the digital transformation has been running at companies all over the world. No one has learned from his profession. Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos and news, reaches with smartphones at not yet known speed.
For lectures we speak from concrete experience, not from theoretical knowledge and know-how from books. In the lecture, we will discuss best practices from all over the world and the new highlights in marketing. As a speaker, we provide answers to your specific questions. Everywhere the trend of digital transformation of markets and industries is to be seen, not just online. We are digital natives and live on social web every day.

We offer presentations for networks, commerce and marketing

Through social media marketing and management, you make non-buyers into new consumers and sustainable brand users, then bring them to brand loyalty. After all, non-buyers will become brand-name brands for your company and, finally, brand names that you would like to recommend. We speak for managers who are already aligning their brand with social media and pure digital business models after the digital transformation or the digitization of all markets. Of course, all the lectures are also for journalists and freelancers who want to expand their digital room for action through social media.

  • Do you use Social Selling for marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube?
  • How do you do your business?
  • What kind of technical know-how and competencies do your employees need?
  • How can you convince your company with Concept Influencer? Positioning can reach your company in the new digital world?
  • How does digital transformation change your industry?
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    In marketing, we offer expertise for all your communication in social networks.

    The new social networks are no less relevant for social media marketing managers as the older networks. To ensure that social media marketing does not lose its degree of effectiveness, we develop deeper concepts and strategies. Only with these innovative ideas and approaches can companies through social commerce increase the online trade. We would like to share our practical experience with the current generation of managers so that they can develop new strategies from them. Simply structured, clear, comprehensible and with insiders of social media managers as well as best practice examples. We also bring the specific opportunities and risks of social networks closer to people in the broadcasting media. Your Experts.

    Speaker for your upcoming event

    As a speaker of an online marketing event, the preparation of the lecture is crucial for the transfer of specialist knowledge. For our clients, we have classed speeches in different levels of experience, so we as consultants can flexibly respond to the personal knowledge and knowledge of the audience. The finding of the topics can possibly involve a lot of effort, because for a relatively large topic, less than an hour will be left in the lecture for all core areas. Most of our speeches and lectures at conferences are even aimed at a discreet audience. More about our keynote speaker and Speaker.

    Trainers: Coaches for your company

    Teams to keep the state of things, book companies as a renowned social media coach. With full commitment and in close cooperation, individual concepts and guidelines are devised. As a social media trainer, you will have hours, sometimes weeks, to achieve the best results for the customer and to optimize your profit over the long term. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, as a speaker you often start at the very beginning. Learn more about our speakers and social media Trainers.

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    We offer initial consulting for services, social media campaigns and social commerce

    Whether you need information on social commerce or monitoring, our managers advise you at any time. Our consultants know which social network is the best for online marketing. Social Networks will help you win new customers and employees. In various, meaningful case studies, we communicate when the ideal time is and of course what kind of content you can post. The easiest way to get started with concrete recommendations for action and an assessment and expertise of your possibilities. When and how your company is being discussed, we will find out when monitoring. The people involved with you must therefore always be aware of the targeted target group in social media management. Each brand has individual goals, for the reach that it wants to create sustainable with social media marketing and management. The different audiences are always active in various social networks. The planning of the content requires different working phases. Important clues help to find the best profiles of social networks. With us as a content specialist, your company is on the safe side and you will never fail again. Content is very important! The satisfaction with the product multiplies brand loyalty and thus the sales figures On social media is not gesiezt. To make people happy, the enthusiasm of the consumers should be in harmony. The various social networks have multiply-differentiated functions. Social networks need span width. Regularly active users scatter your products immensely on social social media. Real users, rather than copying from China.

    What are Influencer and Influencer Marketing? Build your own brand and brand your brand right now.

    We work with experts from the personal network and experience for the relevant decisions in onlinemarketing. Become creative, tell your Washington DC fans your story and inspire fans for many years! Get the power of social media marketing for your event! Very targeted approach. Targeted speeches of user groups. With innovative, multimedial Werbestrategien between Instagram and Facebook. The more precise the target group, the higher the user interaction rate of your users. Become creative, tell your fans in social media a story and win, just as an owner-led company fans for many years.