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The new digital transformation is in full operation. Nobody has ever learned anything. Communication It reaches people today with smartphones at previously unknown speed in any place in the world, whether New York or Toronto. Information, whether recommendations, news or even knowledge, reach us quickly and purposefully as never before. The whole life is always digital. Does the digital economy of your brand already provide sustainable returns? Does your company already benefit from the new digital environment? How does your company react to the new opportunities in marketing?

Social Media Presentations for Optimization, Social Services and Optimization

As a speaker, we provide answers to your individual questions. Conclusions from numerous campaigns bring new ideas. We offer practical agency experience and know-how from many projects. Digitization is present throughout everyday life. On the basis of practical case studies, we present new trends and ideas for your own social media marketing for companies in lectures. As digital natives we spend our time not only on the work, but always on the social web.

Through social media marketing and management, you make your non-buyers new consumers, brand users and bring them to brand loyalty. This is how non-buyers and brand owners become real brands and finally brand names. Our lectures inspire, of course, managers who want to achieve the highest visibility, as well as managers who align their decisions with digital business models and social media already after the digital transformation or digitization. Also for journalists and self-employed who want to understand the digital concepts and strategies of social media marketing.

  • How can you link your company digitally efficiently?
  • In what way? Do you have the right approach for your business?
  • How do you set up your business for digitization in a strategic and operational way?
  • Are you already using Social Selling for your active promotion and marketing?
  • Why Social Media and Marketing?
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Media CampaignsSend us your non-committal Booking Inquiry.We work with the right social media managers from the personal network for groups and dynamics and experience for the relevant decisions in social media marketing.The media world is changing and the next generation of social networks are no less relevant for social media marketing managers like the well-known networks. For experts it is about the new, form of online advertising in search engines and social networks to think further. So your brand can not only increase the new digital sales and / or online sales, but also the stationary sale. Keynote Speaker is also keen to pass on some new knowledge at some point. Understandable, easy and with industry insiders of social media managers as well as best practice case studies. We also communicate the opportunities and risks of social networks on TV and radio. Our Experts.

    The speakers for intensive presentations

    As a speaker of a big event or even keynote speaker, the pre-conference preparation and the bundled information transport is the most important thing. For individual experiences, all our lectures are divided into experience-based experience levels. Often, as a speaker of a conference, we only have half an hour left. If the booked speaker runs well an hour to convey his challenging subject area structured and clearly arranged for the audience. Many want to improve their understanding of social media. That is why our speakers take account of our audience in all our speeches. Learn more about our speakers and Speaker.

    Direct success for your sales thanks to trainer

    In order to keep our own employees on the cutting edge, book clubs as coaches. You spend a lot of time with your employees to get the best results for the customer and then optimize the profit. As a coach, it’s about always planning strategies in close collaboration with your managers. We usually start with the absolute basics for beginners, with the basic functions of Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Our Trainers.

    Your social media marketing consultant and authors. Our Social Media Marketing consultants and Lecturers.

    We offer lectures for marketing, commerce, channels, optimization, campaigns, services Which target-group-relevant content your managers can publish and when this is the best time, we show with multi-faceted case studies. Interaction has a central role. Where, how and when your company is spoken in social media, we find out through monitoring in the analyzes. In our lectures, we give you an initial expertise in your possibilities. With practical, concrete proposals for action, the ideal entry for social media marketing right at the beginning of her career. Whether you need advice on social media management or commerce, we advise you at any time. Our consultants will find out which medium will be the best for you and your situation at each consultation date. Social media will help your managers gain sales, new customers, and more reach for your brand. Every company has different goals, which it wants to achieve with social media marketing. In doing so, the stakeholders must always be considered for the target group. The different target groups are active differently each time in different social networks. The creation of the content requires various topics. In order to find the right social media channel for you, you should set the number of subscribers’ numbers. Salutation in the social media channels is the most important thing. As a specialist, your company is on the safe side with us and you will never make more mistakes. The trailer will become a brand of trailer for consumers. The most relevant is the content! Customer service must also be active on social media for responding to products. In the social networks is not gesiezt. Dear tangible user, instead of buying ones online. The social networks are characterized by a high range of spans. The characteristics of the various social media platforms are different. Brand fans give your social media channels an essential span width and an expressive meaning.

    Facebook, Vimeo or Instagram, our agents manage your channels holistically with modern messaging strategies. In order to get to know your followers and more in detail, you will find fantastic tools from the market leader Facebook, like GraphSearch. Tell your fans in social media a company history and convince followers for many years. Perfect Events: Power of Social Media Marketing! Viral events. The interaction of the users is what is important in the social media, the precisely targeted target group pushes the interaction decisively for your company. Consumers change their habits, so the media usage tends to shift to social networks. Our social media marketing offers precisely defined and targeted events for your project management, a rapid increase in the range as well as multinational marketing campaigns.