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Life becomes digital and influences our actions. How do you react to the new possibilities in the marketing mix in your important decisions? Is the new digital world already profitable for your company? Is your company already digitally linked? Honestly, do you personally already profit from the digital economy? Not only since yesterday, the digital transformation in companies and industries throughout Germany and around the world is in full swing, no one has learned how to work. Fast as never before, information reaches people, whether knowledge, news or recommendations from friends and idols. Communication, the spread of news, emotions but also of knowledge, reaches with smartphones quickly, as never before, through social networks and smartphone.

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We answer your questions as speakers on our lectures in Hong Kong. In the lecture we will discuss best practices and the new highlights in marketing. We speak from personal experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge from books, as often through lecturers. Digital transformation is present in our everyday lives. On the web, we are twenty-four hours a day.

How do digital brand fans develop? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers, brand users and real brands, and ultimately brandplaces for your brand. Our lectures naturally inspire managers and employees who want to reach the highest reach in social media. This also applies to journalists and self-employed persons who want to get to know the digital playing fields of social media with all their individual challenges for social media marketers.

  • Do you use social selling for your marketing on Youtube and Facebook?
  • How? How can you make your business fit for digitalization?
  • What technology and expertise does your team need to take advantage of the digital opportunities for marketing?
  • What is your brand’s positioning in the digital world?

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We develop further concepts and strategies for innovative strategies in social media management and marketing. As social media experts, we consider the established media as well as the new ones. So your brand can increase the digital but also the sale in the trade. Keynote Speaker encourages new knowledge to be passed on. That is why we are also appearing in front of the public and on TV. To bring social networks and their dynamics and their impacts closer. Understandable, simple and with best practice examples as well as new insiders. Your social media marketing consultant and Experts.

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As the keynote speaker of a conference, the preparation for the lecture is always the decisive factor for comprehensibility. We can discuss the respective experiences of our participants, since the lectures are divided into different levels of experience. Often, as a conference speaker, it is only half an hour, with an hour or so of luck, to convey a complex topic such as online and social media management. We are often struck, many are looking for a basic understanding, many have had little contact with this particular topic in advance. This is why many speeches are addressed to the audience, who have little knowledge. More about our keynote speaker and Speaker.

Through workshops for long term success thanks to trainer

In order to have entire departments on the state of things, book us brands as a practice-oriented coach. As a coach, the goal is always to plan strategies in trust with the responsible managers. We start on many days at the very beginning, with the fundamental possibilities of Facebook and Youtube. As a coach, you spend a few days in the individual department, with the managers to reach for you all the given goals. Find out more about our Social Media Trainers.

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Interaction plays a central role in monitoring. How, when and where about your company is discussed in social networks, we find out in the Analytics when monitoring. With Facebook you can achieve a lot. We find out which medium will be best for your fire and your individual circumstances. We will be pleased to advise you, whether you need assessments on social commerce or monitoring. New customers, more reach and employees win, all of this bring you social networks. The ideal introduction with concrete crossmedial methods and an expertise of your possibilities. What are the relevant content relevant to you or your manger, or when the optimal time for postings is, we will discuss various best practice examples from the professional day. The different users are active on various platforms differently. Our planning for your company is at the highest level and includes a mix of various topics. The pre-set goals that can be achieved with social media management and marketing are any company. The established audience should always have the right to have a voice. In order to reach the best social media channels for you, important key figures such as the number of followers should be known. Appropriate communication in the social media channels is the essence. Subscribers are becoming consumers The followers are never sung on the social media. That is why fan issues must also get feedback in the social networks as soon as possible. As a specialist, your company is in safe hands with us and you will not have any mistakes. Essential is the content! Social networks work differently. Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp & Co. have their differences. The social networks live from a lot of reach. Fans of the company offer their social media channels high range and expressive relevance. Set them on followers rather than the account of the company which purchase on the internet.

Now build brand brands in the long term. What are Influencer and Influencer Marketing?

Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube: We manage your fanpages with ever new crossmedial marketing strategies for more organic growth. In order to analyze your fans exactly, your marketing manager has great tools such as Facebook’s GraphSearch. What we are looking for is as a vital element of any online marketing campaign, the virality. Tell your users in social media your company history and inspire new brand fans for many years. Strongly planned: Power of Social Media Marketing! Perfectly targeted events. Social media platforms offer your campaign enormous potential for multinational campaigns, extremely fast real-time increase and targeted approach.